PSU Interview with Producer on Folklore (New Details, Release Date, Blu-ray)

PSU has recently conducted an interview with Eric Fong, producer on Folklore.

Here are some of the interviews details:

1. Favorite boss fight has to be the Fleshrum.
2. Filling gap between Japanese and North American and European audiences
3. Blu-ray allowed them to not "cut corners or inconveniencing users with disc swaps."

4. Yes, a demo is planned for both the US and UK PlayStation Stores.
5. Folklore is slated to ship October 9th.

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GoLeafsGo3730d ago

It better be a new demo >_<

AznSniper3730d ago

i don't think it will be a new demo but a translation of the JP demo instead

s8anicslayer3730d ago

maybe we'll see a demo in september

GoLeafsGo3730d ago

I want a new demo >_<!
I like the game..but I wanna play new levels already ='(!
Man..these release dates seem like they're centuries away..including Warhawk!!

MACHone3730d ago

I haven't bothered to download the Japanese demo, but I'll check it out when it hits the US store. The game looks promising. It has a very refreshing art style and the combat looks pretty fierce. Hopefully it has a story to match its appearance. Until I hear and see a little more, though, I'm not pre-ordering it just yet.

Fighter3729d ago

Another great reason why Blu-ray is vital for next-gen gaming.