Bethesda adhering to Fallout's decade-old design

With Fallout's rabid fanbase, it isn't a surprise that chief among the requests voiced to Bethesda about the upcoming Fallout 3 was: "do not screw it up". And it'll sound familiar to anyone who chanced upon the official forum site.

But fans shouldn't fret. From day one, as executive producer Todd Howard reveals, Bethesda has been working from the original Fallout design - using the Fallout Vision Statement, created when the first game was just a twinkle in a coder's eye.

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Fallout Guru3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

How many times do I have to set you people straight. You have a CHOICE to play with the turn-based VATS system. You can still hack and slash, run and gun, whatever you want to call it. Just like Oblivion. If you don't want this game, you are dead inside.

nobizlikesnowbiz3940d ago

i had a great time with the front mission series. it was one of the only rpg´s i could ever get into though.

hopefully this will rock. xbox mag did an article on it. it looks pretty killer to me. even if it is turn based, the visuals, along with the sick sense of humor could be enough to make me buy.

we will see.

The Snake3940d ago

The originals were turn based and are 2 of the greatest RPGs of all time. Making Fallout 3 not be at least partially turn based would be "screwing it up" as far as real Fallout fans such as myself are concerned.

Charlie26883940d ago

As a Fallout fanboy after reading this...some how I fell...mmm...a little bit more happy? not so worried? my stomach stopped hurting?

TrenchaunT3940d ago

I can relate with you, Charlie, in that it sounds good and makes me want to worry less, but then I remember how much talk Bethesda had before Oblivion and how disappointing the gameplay turned out to be (although the graphics were amazing). I'm still desperately worried that they are going to screw it up.