Madden 08 Countdown: Player Ratings

The best and worst of the NFL revealed.

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PS360PCROCKS3725d ago

Lynch, Champ, Gold, Walker, Lepsis, Nalen, Bly, Elam, Hamilton, Williams...damn 10 Broncos 90 and above! Woo way to go guys, Denver FTW!! :)

IPlayGames3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

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come see me day 1

PS360PCROCKS3725d ago

If I decide to buy it, I hated 06' and 07' so I am undecided right now...

jinn3725d ago

so your going to name this game after a coach who won only one superbowl. i still think football is boring and this game is wasting money every year.

SF49er4083725d ago

r u kidding me theres barely any rankings for the niners. except for our cornerbacks and gore. comon now alex smith is gonna tear up the league this year. and why cant ea fix the crowd. it looks like sh*t, theyre all standing up and cheering in a loop. and they keep cheering like a touchdown was scored even when i call plays and get out of the huddle. they gotta make it a lil more realistic. have them sit down when nothins happenin, but when momentum rises have them cheer. game looks fun but still gonna get an 8. fix the crowd already and the sideline

soccerstar3725d ago

how did they get screwed they suck

ghettocheeze3725d ago

Anyone else have a feeling VY will be very over rated in this game maybe like 90-93 just because he is the cover athlete similar to what the did in 2004 when Vick was on the cover and got that crazy rating?

Team wise if New England isn't the top team then this would be sad cause the Patriots really went out and got some good players and top free agents.

Tabasco3725d ago

Dude, it's scary I was thinking the same thing about both of those ideas.

Hulk04083725d ago

I really don't play sport games that much, because I suck really bad in all them, but when I seen the commercial for this game it made me want to buy it and get better at.

IPlayGames3725d ago

i didnt get any skills until 05/06 before that my cousins where just all day.

Practice makes perfect

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