MotoGP 07 Preview

Like it was on the PC in the days before consoles were sophisticated enough to handle that sort of thing, realistic motorcycle racing is white-knuckle difficult. Driving a four-wheeled automobile, even if you're doing so in the most mercilessly demanding sim, is one thing, but the two-wheel balancing act and the very real chance that one wrong move could lay you out on your back, skidding across the hard, hard pavement, is something else altogether...

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jinn3727d ago

is anyone really going to buy this?

socalr63727d ago

Played the demo and it's the same thing as last year, bikes just wiggle around more and wheelies much easier, that's all.

socalr63727d ago

What I was hoping for was finally was some knee-puck scraping action like me in my avatar. Still no knee pucks on pavement, bummer. I love that sound of the plactic srapping on asphalt

ParaDise_LosT3727d ago

a fun arcade.....but thats it.....
(from what I played in demo)
Its alil uglier than forza...(pretty bad :( )
fun though