GameCube titles sold as Wii games by Pirates

NintendoWiiFanboy reports:
"Filipino site GameOPS found that pirates are up to their old tricks again, copying GameCube games onto DVD discs and packaging them as Wii releases. Titles like Luigi's Mansion, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, and The Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition are advertised with new covers that've been rebranded with Wii logos and boxart elements. Unlike official GameCube-to-Wii ports, these don't even feature tacked-on waggle controls!"

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MK_Red3939d ago

Zelda Wind Waker! Now these are some really crazy pirates.

Ignorant Fanboy3939d ago

I remember seeing PS1 games, in PS2 cases. With the PS2 logo and everything. Only it was an old game.

The PS2 was HOT back then, still is I guess.

Any real gamer would know this, but an unsuspecting tourist could fall for it.

Honeal2g3939d ago

the ps1 games didnt look like ps2 games....i really dont see the big deal gamecube games and wii cost the same and look the same graphically so who cares

unsunghero283939d ago

A good article, hampered only slightly by the fact that the N4G intro doesn't actually introduce the article's purpose and includes "we" several times...

risk3939d ago

only a kid would fall for this...oh wait nintendo aimed the wii at the kids.. <_<

MK_Red3939d ago

Well, thankfully those pirates can't do the same with PS3, using PS2 games as PS3 ones (No to the piracy).

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The story is too old to be commented.