Stranglehold Developer Blog: Precision Aiming - New Video

Precision Aim is a little bit like carrying a sniper rifle with you at all times. Tequila is just that much of a badass with a pistol – when he really takes the time to aim, he can hit anything from pretty far away. And it's not just for shooting enemies, when you go into PA some destructible items, like supports holding up a bridge or a particularly explosive item, are "interesting" to Precision Aim, and you'll zoom in on them – giving you that extra hint that it's a cool object to shoot.

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HarryEtTubMan3972d ago

I ve never seen destructable environments like in Stranglehold before... it looks pretty good in my opinion.

JPomper3971d ago

Yeah, I'm hoping it all carries over to multiplayer. Looking like a fun game.