StarCraft 2 Save Game Woes

With StarCraft 2 being so heavily integrated with Battle.Net, gamers who purchased the game are becoming frustrated with the way in which the game stores single player progress when logged into Battle.Net. Currently gamers are losing achievements and save game progress which has only just come to light as more and more gamers progress in the single player campaign.

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Dorjan2793d ago

Gah, has already been down for a while and I heard about people losing a few hours of progress...

bloody online connection stupid anti-piracy bull-crap!

ATi_Elite2793d ago

Aw just chill out, it's day 1 and with 1.8 million gamers on the server plus an ungodly amount of S.Korean gamers you know there was gonna be downage. just go eat a sandwich by then the server will be up.

I don't mind the online anti piracy as Blizzard is just trying to protect their $100 million investment.

Starcraft 2 is too good to be pirated.

Charmers2793d ago

Not been keeping up with the news have you ? Starcraft 2 did not cost $100 million :-

“Activision Blizzard Inc. hasn't disclosed development costs for its Starcraft II videogame. A July 16 Technology article about the Starcraft sequel incorrectly said the company spent more than $100 million to develop the game; that figure referred to its World of Warcraft game,”

So the $100 million figure was actually to do with World Of Warcraft and they have not said how much starcraft 2 cost to make (obviously they couldn't budget for any AA in the game).

Montrealien2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

Well, I have had the game since early Tuesday morning and have had Zero Issues. Once again a minority are overshadowing over a million people who have no issues what so ever.

And if someone complains about the online connection with battle net, for crying out loud, get off Dial up, this is 2010. Not having decent internet, in NA at least is just sad...

Perjoss2793d ago

oh no, now some people are going to have to replay a few levels of one of the best games of the year, that does not sound fun at all.

Narutone662793d ago

bought my copy. Although I live in Asia, I got a U.S. version. As I'm typing this, SC2 is being installed in my computer. I hope the U.S. server is not too crowded. I'm a little disappointed that LAN play is not available.

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Chazmers2793d ago

sounds about right that something was going to cock up for such a big release

wollie2793d ago

too bad its already pirated. the only ones their bull hurts is paying customers.

Montrealien2793d ago

a small minority of course.

Narutone662793d ago

can't be played as you have to be connected to to play even the single player campaign.

Charmers2793d ago

I hate to break this to you Narutone66 but you are wrong, the pirated copies of Starcraft 2 can indeed be played without any problems (single player at least) The only problem was the fact you couldn't continue your campaign from in the game (you had to double click on the save game to continue the campaign).

But I think we can safely say that, lack of lan did absolutely nothing to stop this game being pirated. Still it does show how hollow some publishers are screaming "piracy killed our game sales" here is Blizzard selling nearly 2 million copies even though their game has been cracked ???? hm food for thought there.

Sprud2793d ago

You can play singleplayer without being connected even with the legit version. You don't get achievements when playing offline though, and I'm sure pirated versions don't either.

Charmers2793d ago

I have always been led to believe PC gamers didn't care about achievements is this impression wrong ? I know I have been a PC gamer for 20 odd years and I seriously couldn't give a crap about the things. So if I was to pirate starcraft 2 the fact I wouldn't have access to achievements wouldn't be sending me to hang myself.

I am not saying I am going to pirate Starcraft 2, I don't pirate games I was merely illustrating that the game has been cracked and it is being openly pirated yet at the same time it is still selling nearly 2 million on launch day ...... hm.

Ilikegames762792d ago

version of the game, since the Chinese version have a crappy dub. My problem is that in the office, connecting to the is being blocked by the admin, so a few of us here couldn't play it during our lunch break. This wasn't a problem during Starcraft 1, since we could play it through LAN. I wonder if there is a work around to not connecting to the when playing. I'm really disappointed since I hardly play PC games and when a good PC game comes along, I can't play it properly.

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tdrules2793d ago is down for routine maintenance, it said on the login screen, you're an idiot if you didn't notice.

OH WOW, pirated gamers can still play it when Battle.Net is down!
What a shame then, that they can't access all the awesome features like achievements, cross game chat, map hosting, replay hosting etc etc

You can brag about not paying for a game, but the fundamentals aren't there if you pirate it and never will be.

wollie2793d ago

never said pirated copies get the full experience. all i said was that the only people the anti-piracy crap hurts is the paying customer, pirates will always pirate. there is no such thing as un-hackable.

Charmers2793d ago

You have to question the wisdom of doing "routine maintenance" when you just launched a massive game just 48 hours ago. I am not disputing that something as massive as needs routine maintenance but come on here less than 48 hours after the release of Starcraft 2 that is a bit moronic to say the least.

badz1492793d ago

nothing is unhackable? the PS3 says hi!

but yeah, these DRM stuff is crazy! it's truly hurting the paying customers. what if I installed the game on my laptop and go some place with no wifi and then while waiting there, I wanna play some SCII campaign? I can't save there can I? and what about those people with no internet and just happy playing skirmish like they did with the 1st game? no luck either eh? this is the most ridiculous DRM ever!

tdrules2793d ago

Do you not realise the DRM is that you can't access the fundamental features such as online and 2.0.
pirate all you want but DRM means you're getting less than half of the game

badz1492792d ago

I'm not trying to be WITH the pirates here but getting less than half of a game while not paying a dime? pretty good deal I guess. that's why pirates will always be pirates. settling down with less without paying is too good to pass up

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iceman28852793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

It is true you don't get your achievements if you beat a mission while you are disconnected from (it happened to me, thought it would just load up the achievements when I finished the mission and reconnected to, but it doesn't).

However, this article is spreading blatant lies, because the game does clearly tell you that you have been disconnected from when playing if you are disconnected.

It's a message as clear as day at the bottom of the screen.

mrv3212793d ago

GB TNT I hope they keep with SC2.

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