[Rumor Control]- Rockstar going Sony exclusive ?

Yesterday, According to the latest Cheat Code Central Podcast, they mention that Rockstar has gone Sony Exclusive, and that their upcoming titles other than the ones already in production, will be some sort of a PS3 exclusive.

Upon further investigation into the issue and listening to the podcast more than 10 times, Gamers-creed have posted a transcript which shows the exact statements that were made in the podcast.

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Odion3882d ago

its nice that this got cleared up

ArduousAndy3882d ago

are not going sony exclusive?

AznSniper3882d ago

well there is still no proof to debunk it unless they contacted them to get it right.....nor do the people in the podcast had any proof that they were going sony exclusive....but we will have to wait and see

marionz3882d ago

i wouldnt care if they did go sony exclusive, its not like they are a great company, so they make gta big deal i never liked that game and dont understand why its so big
i guess americans can understand it better because it depicts their corrupt country perfectly

Galvatron3881d ago

marionz... Name ONE country without some form of corruption. You don't like the series, so you make an off-the-wall comment about an entire population. Give this guy a prize!

marionz3880d ago

its true though america is one of the most corrupt countrys in the world, all your drug dealers guns pimps hoes homeless people living in trees serial killers ghettos and dont get me started on your airports!
your wellfare and hospital systems are rediculous your president is a freakin retard your tv is full of crime and gangsta rap your gun laws are loose as the hoes in a snoop dog video america sucks plain and simple, yet americans are so patriotic its sickening to see they have such loyalty to the most srewed up place on the planet

yes gta is america...america is crap

where i live hospital systems are FREE
we have a female prime minister
we had a transexual mayor
we have clean air beaches at our frount door and people dont walk around with guns and knifes we have verry few homeless people and a wellfare sustem that treats people with respect
we have sivel unions so gay people can get maried and airports that dont treat everyone as a threat

i guess New Zealand wouldnt make a verry fun game

Galvatron3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

Yep, I'm a know-it-all American who is right even when he's wrong. I pollute, start wars and kick babies. That's what we're ALL like here...

Don't like GTA? Don't bother. Save the rest of us some board space.

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ktchong3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

Look at what R* has in the pipeline for PS3. It has L.A. Noire and a brand new IP that's using the Euphoria Engine. Those are some nice exclusives for PS3.

On the other hand, look at how R* treats Microsoft. What does Microsoft gets from R*? Some crappy Table Tennis (which is not made by the real R*) and old recycled Bully (which is not even an exclusive.) The only reason Microsoft is getting two exclusive GTA4 contents is because Microsoft gave $50 mil for it. Even then, Microsoft still got screwed over because R* most likely delayed GTA4 for PS3's sake.

R* clearly shows that they favor Sony over Microsoft. Just look at what they do. They history of behaviors. It's obvious for everyone to see.

takz3882d ago

im sorry normally i wouldnt care to comment but you actually sounded personally hurt by this. u need to understand business is business. rockstar didnt promise to leave sony for microsoft then was caught in bed red handed again. this is no moral crime its business.

i mean capcom a publisher that used to show sony a lot of love has changed its tables i dont see you guys tripping about that. no need to stress xbobx has alot of good games man and besides you guys are getting gta4 isnt that what you wanted aniway. get over yourself

Vertius3882d ago

R* making games for the 360 would make business sense. If R* were to become Sony exclusive, that would signify loyalty, something too many here disregard as archaic...

Captain Tuttle3882d ago

If Rockstar can make more money by going Sony exclusive (newsflash, they can't) they'll go with Sony. If they can make more money by going exclusive with MS (nope) they'll do that. The only loyalty that these companies have is to the bottom line and their shareholders. They don't give a crap about fanboys. They have to sell games to survive.

Vertius3881d ago

You just emphasised my point. Going multiplatform = Business sense, Sony Exclusive = Loyalty. If this goes ahead, it solely signifies loyalty.

Captain Tuttle3881d ago

There's no loyalty in business...only profit.

Vertius3881d ago

If that's your outlook on business, remind me not to go into business with you. A sense of loyalty and trust is paramount to any venture, after all.

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Loudninja3882d ago

I dont trust not a one of them.Gamers creed post alot of BS.CCC I never heard of.And not this clear nothing up

IPlayGames3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

i think some games will be exclusive but not all.

If its stated that the reason GTAIV was pushed back because of lack of space on DVD9 then GTA V will be ps3 exclu.

Table Tennis 2 (multi)

Hell Red Dead might even be multi.

But big open world games will be ps3 exclusive.

SlippyMadFrog3881d ago

Just like Oblivion was exclusive ;) Disk space isn't a crippling problem, there are always solutions. Remember that shareholders aren't fanboys, the company is already spending millions developing the game, they want to make as much money as possible from the game and holding a game exclusive to the console with the smallest install base isn't a way of maximising your returns. Shareholders are money fanboys. Freakin money fanboys, they suck!! ;)