PlayStation Home - Japanese Trailer

For those not lucky enough to get invited to the Home beta, your wait may almost be over.

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MaximusPrime3973d ago

great trailer for the Japanese and probably for all of us around the world.

Even though i haven't a faintest clue what she was saying, the video as a whole explained it.

The quality of the video is the best i have seen so far on internet. Yep, HOME will rock!

nasim3972d ago

when HOME launches.

ps3 is already murdering x360 worldwide .

wii is next


tehcellownu3973d ago

HOME is goin to be a big hit!! i cant wait!!

BubblesDAVERAGE3973d ago

I just hope it gets people online playsing gmae...because motostorm and resistence are the only games when people stay online...any other games you guys can suggest

Fighter3973d ago

Last I checked it was coming out in October. Going to be a blast.

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The story is too old to be commented.