Bladestorm - Battleground Charge Gameplay

Mount up and head into the battlefield with your most trusted warriors by your side.

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Anything but Cute3916d ago

God, this game sucks beyond belief.

Wingnut263916d ago

I also got this from the Japanese Store. I put more time into searching around the store guessing at what everything was then I did actually playing this. I started it up, ran into the enemies, killed a few, then uninstalled it...Probably won't be getting this one.

DrWan3916d ago

Hmm.. why is there a japanese general Takihiro in it? i thought this was about the Hundred Year's War..shoudn't it be all European generals? That's really really suspicions rise!

The game looks decent, probably will score a 7/10 on the average. still worth checking out for strategy fans.

achira3916d ago

looks very promising. my interest rises more and more in the title again.

Bazookajoe_833916d ago

U shoul probably like this one, i played the demo but didnt get a thing. I have to get a non japanese demo of this and try..