Everyday Shooter - Chain Reaction Gameplay

Shoot the chain reaction power-up for loads of points in this uniquely relaxing shooter.

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Bazookajoe_833943d ago

I like that so many psn game has innovative things =)

Wingnut263943d ago

What's with all these Asteroids games on the PSN?

riqued3943d ago

Its not like asteroids, its about creating these chain reaction that have something to do with the music.

Won an award for best indie game I think

Omegasyde3943d ago

yes it did. The game combines musix to a degree, with enemy deaths and chain reactions. I love the visuals and I can see this being a major Casual game hit.

Omegasyde3943d ago

warhawk is coming. and some poker game this month.

Let alone Midway is still releasing old crap, i mean classics.