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Three New Tales Games Revealed, Tales of Graces Hitting PS3, PS3 Gains Exclusive Tales Title

In the latest issue of Jump, they reveal three new Tales titles and that former Wii-exclusive, Tales of Graces, will be hitting the PS3 later this year in Japan. (PS3, PSP, Radiant Mythology 3, Tales of Graces)

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VegaShinra  +   1946d ago
Give the USA Tales of Graces!!
Redrum059  +   1946d ago
what ever happened to the ps3 exclusive "tales of Unitia" that was rumored?
i wanna know more about that...
... oh and bring tales of grace to the US please.
Dragun619  +   1946d ago
Actually, the article states that

1. Tales of Graces will hit the PS3 this year.
2. A new Tales game in development for the PS3.
3 And a new Radiant Mythology title will be coming to the PSP.

So number 2 could be Tales of Unitia.

Well, finally, about damn time we hear some news on a Tales game for the PS3. Now we just have to show Namco there's demand for the game, as a matter of fact all three games, Tales of Graces, Vesperia, & in development tales game for the PS3 in west just like we did with Sega and Yakuza 3.

Found the scan
The title beneath Tales of Graces is the annoucement for a Tales game for PS3.
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Cloudberry  +   1946d ago
Hoping that PS3 version of "Graces" would released in English.
I could give up on the PS3 English version of "Vesperia" if Namco-Bandai would localize "Graces".

I already played "Vesperia" on the 360.
Natsu X FairyTail  +   1946d ago
Welp I guess i found my reason to buy a ps3! namco is still stupid though for not bringing The other tales game here. Hearts on DS? Graces on wii? Vesperia on ps3? ARent they aware that Tales is popular over here aswell?
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Redempteur  +   1946d ago
namco us is sometimes stupid ( well most of the time )
Umbrella Corp  +   1946d ago
Just found a reason?
sinncross  +   1946d ago
Oh wow!

I seriously hope Namco bring Verperia over to the West and do so with Graces.
So that is 2 Tales titles for the PS3? That is manic!
Poseidon  +   1946d ago
Moerdigan  +   1946d ago
Yeah. The prospect of not localizing two major Tales games on PS3 is overkill.
TheTeam06  +   1946d ago
Time to chase some Tale. haha!

Ge... get it? Chasing..... "tale"?

....... I'm going to bed.
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Lucreto  +   1946d ago
Good news. I expect we will hear the new tales game at TGS.

I am surprised about Tales of Graces but it looks like it will be a MOVE title.

I still have hope for Vesperia with still 2 events to announce it at I will wait and see. If not I still have Tales of Eternia to play.
Mahr  +   1946d ago
"I am surprised about Tales of Graces but it looks like it will be a MOVE title."

In what way? The original version used standard button presses, and the gameplay was not exactly crying for motion control.
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GigaGaia  +   1946d ago
If Tales of Grace get localized, it's gonna be the PS3 version.

They must have been waiting on it to localize it. They probably told themselves: Why localize the Wii version, let's localize the upcoming PS3 version instead, since it will have all the extras.
Alos88  +   1946d ago
Namco CEO: Let's never localize the PS3 version of Tales of Graces, customers will be happy with the version nobody outside of Japan bought anyway.
Namco employee: But wouldn't that be a really bad idea? Besides, we've already been given several offers for localization by other com-
Namco: Are you forgetting our slogan? "Namco hates it's fans"!
jokia005  +   1946d ago
In Japan.
wii fanboys and xbox360 fanboys are getting angry and crazy.
Optical_Matrix  +   1946d ago
Remember what they did when Vesperia came out for PS3? >.< Snapped discs and cried all over the pages of 2Ch. This is good news though. Hopefully there will be a formal announcement of the new Tales game at TGS plus playable demo of the Graces port.
Zelda-Forever9  +   1946d ago
why im i angry?
im happy with what i have now unlike you stupid sony fanboys the xbox still has tales of vesperia and it will still be hard to TOP that game so good luck please stop sucking up to sony and think there the best because there not close once the nintendo 3DS launched its the end of sony be scared be very scared sony pricks your days coming starting with the nintendo 3DS..
squallheart  +   1946d ago
isnt it why i'm angry if you are seriously going to try and put someone down, please spell properly. I got a headache trying to read it.
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Optical_Matrix  +   1945d ago
Who's a fanboy? I'm just stating the fact that an Xbox fanboy broke his Vesperia game disc and burned the PS3 announcement article when he found out Tales of Vesperia was coming to PS3. Not sure how that makes me a fanboy.
Apotheosize  +   1946d ago
Meh, Namco allergic to money. They never localize any of there games.
for instance wheres graces and vesperia(ps3) over here?
no where. if they localize these ill be happiest guy ever.

but im not holding my breath
Mahr  +   1946d ago
At least the PS3 is not region-locked, so importers can still play the games fairly easily if they don't need to understand the story.
silvacrest  +   1946d ago
its a RPG, why even play it if you dont care about the stary
Zelda-Forever9  +   1946d ago
if you buy a game
that you can't understand at all your stupid to the fullist its a fact i did it once and i felt like a retard since then i never imported anymore games you are just WASTSING all that cas for a game you can't understand at all its really stupid i swear people have no damn patients to wait for english versions..
Mahr  +   1946d ago
"its a RPG, why even play it if you dont care about the stary"

There's this thing in most videogames, I think you may have heard of it, called 'gameplay'.
silvacrest  +   1942d ago
i get gameplay, believe me, for a RPG i love tales gameplay but without a valid reason for doing what your doing what is the point?

you might as well buy street fighter
gano  +   1946d ago
Bout damn time
Keep vesperia, bring graces to the states
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Zelda-Forever9  +   1946d ago
you know
vesperia is still the best amdit it you fuck tard..
ranmafandude  +   1946d ago
the more jrpgs for the ps3, the better is what i say.
ChronoJoe  +   1946d ago
Makes me sad
If it takes like, two years the localise, or not localise, tales of Vesperia, even after they've gotten the voice, and translation work done for the game (they have).

I can't hold much hope, seeing either of these games, in a language that I can understand.
-MD-  +   1946d ago
PS3 exclusive in Japan only? Super pissed. It better make it to the states.
dylandurden  +   1946d ago
Man, I wish I knew Japanese...

I also wish the people at Namco Bandai weren't such a**holes...
Garnett  +   1946d ago
$ony just loves paying developers huh...
kanetheking  +   1946d ago
to bad there not paying u to stfu
Snakefist30  +   1946d ago
Just Like M$ Loves Paying For Timed Exclusives.
maxcer  +   1946d ago
just take it easy here... maybe go and play some ToV on ps3 to cool down... oops nvm
nefertis  +   1946d ago
the western haven't got a tales game on the ps3 yet, WTF MAN?
ZeroX9876  +   1946d ago
Brign all those great ps3 tales titles over here!!

all tales of games have sold better on sony consoles, except maybe tales of symphonia, but the other tales of sales number on sony platform are very good!

please namco bandai, PLEASE bring it over here so you can start and pay your debt! we can offer you decent sales if you import it over here
Spenok  +   1944d ago
I seriously hope they bring Tales of Graces over to the US. PLEASE! Same with this new PS3 exclusive. Hell even the new Radiant Mythology. I loved the first one for PSP. It was awesome.

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