Three New Tales Games Revealed, Tales of Graces Hitting PS3, PS3 Gains Exclusive Tales Title

In the latest issue of Jump, they reveal three new Tales titles and that former Wii-exclusive, Tales of Graces, will be hitting the PS3 later this year in Japan.

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VegaShinra3034d ago

Give the USA Tales of Graces!!

Redrum0593034d ago

what ever happened to the ps3 exclusive "tales of Unitia" that was rumored?
i wanna know more about that...
... oh and bring tales of grace to the US please.

Dragun6193034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

Actually, the article states that

1. Tales of Graces will hit the PS3 this year.
2. A new Tales game in development for the PS3.
3 And a new Radiant Mythology title will be coming to the PSP.

So number 2 could be Tales of Unitia.

Well, finally, about damn time we hear some news on a Tales game for the PS3. Now we just have to show Namco there's demand for the game, as a matter of fact all three games, Tales of Graces, Vesperia, & in development tales game for the PS3 in west just like we did with Sega and Yakuza 3.

Found the scan
The title beneath Tales of Graces is the annoucement for a Tales game for PS3.

Cloudberry3034d ago

I could give up on the PS3 English version of "Vesperia" if Namco-Bandai would localize "Graces".

I already played "Vesperia" on the 360.

Natsu X FairyTail3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

Welp I guess i found my reason to buy a ps3! namco is still stupid though for not bringing The other tales game here. Hearts on DS? Graces on wii? Vesperia on ps3? ARent they aware that Tales is popular over here aswell?

Redempteur3034d ago

namco us is sometimes stupid ( well most of the time )

sinncross3034d ago

Oh wow!

I seriously hope Namco bring Verperia over to the West and do so with Graces.
So that is 2 Tales titles for the PS3? That is manic!

Moerdigan3034d ago

Yeah. The prospect of not localizing two major Tales games on PS3 is overkill.

TheTeam063034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

Time to chase some Tale. haha!

Ge... get it? Chasing..... "tale"?

....... I'm going to bed.

Lucreto3034d ago

Good news. I expect we will hear the new tales game at TGS.

I am surprised about Tales of Graces but it looks like it will be a MOVE title.

I still have hope for Vesperia with still 2 events to announce it at I will wait and see. If not I still have Tales of Eternia to play.

Mahr3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

"I am surprised about Tales of Graces but it looks like it will be a MOVE title."

In what way? The original version used standard button presses, and the gameplay was not exactly crying for motion control.

GigaGaia3034d ago

If Tales of Grace get localized, it's gonna be the PS3 version.

They must have been waiting on it to localize it. They probably told themselves: Why localize the Wii version, let's localize the upcoming PS3 version instead, since it will have all the extras.

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The story is too old to be commented.