Ubisoft:No Assassin's Creed at GC

Today, Ubisoft released their official line up of titles that will be present at this year Leipzig Game Convention in Germany via a press release. They have confirmed that, Assassin's Creed will not be present at this years GC. The show which will be held from the 23 of this month to the 28 of this month. Their line up is relatively small compared to the other announced companies.

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TriggerHappy3881d ago

I agree with you 100%, i just hope they don't delay it though. PSM magazine had a very good preview of it:
"Assassin's Creed hands-on: Don't believe the tripe - this could be a flawed classic"

And since the game is skipping GC, if it misses TGS as well, we might not see this title this year at all.

mccomber3881d ago

Delayed... again. I think they are really pushing to try and get it out for the holidays, but I'm really doubting they'll be able to get it together by then. If they still release this in November, I'm predicting some reviews making liberal use of phrases relating to "unpolished and unfinished".

RelloC3881d ago

so many hopes for this and then... e3. what a total let down.

Bloodmask3881d ago

You know how the media jumps on every little imperfection.

The E3 showing was rushed bc Bungie didn't have a lengthy Halo 3 demo.

I believe it will end up being a great game...It is too bad that everyone was being too hard on Ubisoft.

GameOn3881d ago

The E3 showing was rushed bc Bungie didn't have a lengthy Halo 3 demo.

That line there makes no sense to me with my volcan like logic. Surely they would have had more time than they expected if there wasnt a lengthy halo demo. Please explain.

djt233881d ago

i think they are going to Delayed game

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The story is too old to be commented.