Worlds First Next gen PES 2008 Teaser Video

The worlds first PES 2008 video/teaser of the game in motion.

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MaximusPrime3940d ago

nice video.

Im sure PS3 version will be better.

remember when PES was released on xbox 360. it looked worse than PS2.

Hectic_Kris3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

you obviusly didnt see the game running in the flesh i play PES6 all the time on my 42" HDTV and it looks way beter than any PS2 game why are you such a [email protected] get a grip of your life mate

Cant wait for this game BRING ON THE FOOTBALL

Imalwaysright3940d ago

The gameplay is worst on 360 cuz this game is designed to be played with PS controllers

MaximusPrime3940d ago

it is not just my opinion, every one i know, even xbox fans, admitted it looks worst than ps2.

this new PES 08 should look good on xbox 360. PES games are better on PS .

I personally believe that PS3 will fare better. But we will wait for the gameplay and find out.

Hectic_Kris3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

well i think its easier to play with the 360 controller and i bet i would kik ur arse at this game if you wre playing on a ps2 and i was playing on 360 forgive me if im wrong but was PES6 a port from ps2 to 360 i dont think so so i think they may have remasterd the controls for the 360 controller yo are also a fanboy stop tryin to speak with sony's c()ck in ur mouth we cant understand you properly

and im not saying it will be better on 360 everyone knows that PES is a PS game but to my opinion if you came round to my house and played PES6 on a PS2 on my tv and then played it on my 360 if you dont think it looks better on 360 you need your eyes tested

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Lord Anubis3940d ago

Christiano Ronaldo runs like a sissy in the video. :P

murfo3939d ago

it's called realism! ;-)

Bazookajoe_833940d ago

This is just such a got damn great game...

DiLeCtioN3940d ago

pes is back and am gettin it...cant wait for budokai tenkaichi 3(wii online)

Meus Renaissance3940d ago

Looks the same to the previous version.

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