The Secret Best Game Developer

We all know the big developers, but who are the secret best developers going right now?

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bbretterson2888d ago

Tough call. I'd go with Q Games -- they're doing ridiculously cool things in the download space with the PixelJunk games.

MariaHelFutura2888d ago

Team Ico and Suckerpunch by far. More Team Ico.

JamesDeRosa2888d ago

You don't think PopCap is mainstream yet? I'm not sure myself.

admanb2888d ago

PopCap may be secret by the fact of being mainstream. Everyone knew Bejeweled, but how many gamers thought of PopCap as a "real" game developer before Plants vs. Zombies and Peggle?

rod_furlong2887d ago

PopCap makes mainstream GAMES, yeah. But they're certainly not a "household name."

Sadie21002887d ago

Hmm...PopCap's pretty big now, but they're not necessarily famous....

ColManischewitz2888d ago

Kautari, a Russian developer, makes a great series in King's Bounty.

B00kman2887d ago

I'm going to have to go with TripWire. Their meteoric rise from small-time modding community to fully fledged developers has been inspiring to say the least. The newest incarnation of Red Orchestra has me gripped in giddy anticipation.

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