Wii Review: Alien Syndrome

Sega's Alien Syndrome for the Wii is a lesson in striving for mechanics that work in this style of action game and coming up short. In essence, the game's main flaw is that pitted against other refined titles there's no shortage of complaints. With that said there is still fun to be had and you would be surprised at the depth of combat in a simple isometric view shooter. A combining element of on the fly RPG upgrading and simple shooting mechanics offers more than mediocrity...

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jigaman3912d ago

I'm so sick of the ports. Luckily for me, and my wallet, I have strayed away from all ports. I do here good things about RE4 and its priced accordingly. To have a PSP port priced at $49.99 is ridiculous and insulting to true gamers out there.

I'm excited that this trend is slowing down and the REAL titles are on their way, starting with Metroid Prime 3: Corruption this month!