Warhawk 2 With Move Support?

The games director Dylan Jobe has been teasing via twitter of his new game. Many people believe it is the successor to warhawk and that it will be announced in the near future. Now that Sony has introduced their new motion controller called Move imagine how great it would be to finally feel like your controlling an aircraft. With the precision of Move, we could finally be able to envision those awesome dog fights and make them a reality. It would also make for a great marketing campaign for both Move and the game.

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rroded3062d ago

n dont change too much with the control scheme since it already works so well with the six axis move should b a breaze...

if you do change anything take out normal flight n make harder ta shake missiles...

mikeslemonade3062d ago

Rather have a new IP. Developers this generation tend to be more inclined to put out an upgrade instead of taking it to the next level for sequels. I don't want a Warhawk 1.5.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3062d ago

You're confusing Sony for Microsoft like with games like Gears of War - Gears of War 2, Halo 3 - Halo:ODST, or Fable - Fable 2, lol.

Greywulf3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

Unlike Microsofts entire game library.

Crackdown Crackdown2

BkaY3061d ago

and for the love of batmans nipples... show something about it .. ever a tiny teaser will do....

one side of me dont want it until i get to general (which is 4 ranks away).. other part wants starhawk right now...

and if there is a single player campaign then pants "xplods"


Uzesgelen_Goo3061d ago

i'm command marshal looking at general rank makes me give up especially looking at points XD

ThanatosDMC3061d ago

I cant imagine using Move on this game especially how to dodge those Homing Missiles. The other missiles are cake to dodge but Homing Missiles require very tight turning and boosting. I hope they dont mess with the Warhawk controls too much.

Playerz83062d ago

Everyone knows it's Starhawk, not Warhawk 2. Stupid people.

blumatt3062d ago

but it may just be a Warhawk 2. I'll be very disappointed. I've been waiting for a proper next-gen space game where you fly around and see planets and asteroids and stars. Damn, that would be awesome.

liveActionLeveler3062d ago

This reminds me of Star Wars Battlefront 3, I still have hope for its existence; the leaked game play looked very impressive, something like what your comment said.

plstcsldgr3061d ago

technically its warhawk 3. but either way it most likely going to an IP. Jobe usually doesn't do the same game twice. he does take old games and make them new. Warhawk, Twisted Metal so on.

Baltis3062d ago

It really blew my mind how little the 1st game sold and how under appreciated it was. Absolutely, without question, the best online game I ever played. It was near flawless when it was actually supported. I loved it, played it for so, so, so, so many hours. This game holds some very fond memories. Just like Super Mario, Zelda, Ninja Gaiden, Metroid, Sonic, Crystalis, Resident Evil, Suikoden and many others before it. I have high hopes that people are smarter now and will adopt this next iteration.

NothingToGainButLove3062d ago

HELL YEA! I was i the top 10 as a Deathmatch player when the game was in its prime. Best online game i've played ever... so far.

Chris_Hansen_Rocks3062d ago

I assume you are one of the three guys who still play warhawk?

can I plz have your autograph?

Smokeeye1233062d ago

Warhawk still has tons of people playing.

NateNater3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

Add me. I've been playing Warhawk a lot more often lately and I can tell you the game is still alive and kicking.

ChineseDemocracy3062d ago

Well said. Take into consideration though, at that time, there was that whole "The PS3 has no games/The PS3 sucks" mindset, along with the smaller install base which i think really hurt alot of the market back then.

I guarantee if Warhawk was released around this time it would be huge! It really is a shame, thank God for a sequel though, the multiplayer in Warhawk was unreal.

Godmars2903062d ago

F*ck that - Give me my Starhawk b*tch!

blumatt3062d ago

I want a Starhawk instead. I want to explore and fight in the solar system. They could do so much in space that hasn't been done before in this generation. It would be refreshing. I'd love to be able to visit planets and crash into asteroids and stars.

Ju3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

I actually played Warhawk at the E3 in 2006 (or so). That was only a demo, had a story mode and actually pretty good sixaxis support running on the dev boxes (in those 19" racks - with 2 HDMIs and 2GB ethernets :)

That was a memorable moment. Petty the game did never release like that demo. I fought one of these motherships back then.

Ah, found a video:
Better movie:

Game was still one of the best community based online shooters and most underrated.

Godmars2903062d ago

I miss the idea of those flying cruisers.

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