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Warhawk 2 With Move Support?

The games director Dylan Jobe has been teasing via twitter of his new game. Many people believe it is the successor to warhawk and that it will be announced in the near future. Now that Sony has introduced their new motion controller called Move imagine how great it would be to finally feel like your controlling an aircraft. With the precision of Move, we could finally be able to envision those awesome dog fights and make them a reality. It would also make for a great marketing campaign for both Move and the game. (PS3, Warhawk, Warhawk 2)

rroded  +   1829d ago
fine but pls let us play with the ol dualshock
n dont change too much with the control scheme since it already works so well with the six axis move should b a breaze...

if you do change anything take out normal flight n make harder ta shake missiles...
mikeslemonade  +   1829d ago
Rather have a new IP. Developers this generation tend to be more inclined to put out an upgrade instead of taking it to the next level for sequels. I don't want a Warhawk 1.5.
Time_Is_On_My_Side  +   1829d ago
You're confusing Sony for Microsoft like with games like Gears of War - Gears of War 2, Halo 3 - Halo:ODST, or Fable - Fable 2, lol.
Greywulf  +   1829d ago
Sony has yet to deliver a 1.5 version of a game.
Unlike Microsofts entire game library.

Crackdown Crackdown2
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BkaY  +   1829d ago
lmao at "WARHAWK 2 " its "STARHAWK"
and for the love of batmans nipples... show something about it .. ever a tiny teaser will do....

one side of me dont want it until i get to general (which is 4 ranks away).. other part wants starhawk right now...

and if there is a single player campaign then pants "xplods"

Uzesgelen_Goo  +   1829d ago
i'm command marshal looking at general rank makes me give up especially looking at points XD
ThanatosDMC  +   1829d ago
I cant imagine using Move on this game especially how to dodge those Homing Missiles. The other missiles are cake to dodge but Homing Missiles require very tight turning and boosting. I hope they dont mess with the Warhawk controls too much.
Playerz8  +   1829d ago
Everyone knows it's Starhawk, not Warhawk 2. Stupid people.
blumatt  +   1829d ago
We HOPE it is...
but it may just be a Warhawk 2. I'll be very disappointed. I've been waiting for a proper next-gen space game where you fly around and see planets and asteroids and stars. Damn, that would be awesome.
liveActionLeveler  +   1829d ago
This reminds me of Star Wars Battlefront 3, I still have hope for its existence; the leaked game play looked very impressive, something like what your comment said.
plstcsldgr  +   1829d ago
technically its warhawk 3. but either way it most likely going to an IP. Jobe usually doesn't do the same game twice. he does take old games and make them new. Warhawk, Twisted Metal so on.
Baltis  +   1829d ago
It really blew my mind how little the 1st game sold and how under appreciated it was. Absolutely, without question, the best online game I ever played. It was near flawless when it was actually supported. I loved it, played it for so, so, so, so many hours. This game holds some very fond memories. Just like Super Mario, Zelda, Ninja Gaiden, Metroid, Sonic, Crystalis, Resident Evil, Suikoden and many others before it. I have high hopes that people are smarter now and will adopt this next iteration.
NothingToGainButLove  +   1829d ago
HELL YEA! I was i the top 10 as a Deathmatch player when the game was in its prime. Best online game i've played ever... so far.
Chris_Hansen_Rocks  +   1829d ago
I assume you are one of the three guys who still play warhawk?

can I plz have your autograph?
Smokeeye123  +   1829d ago
Um yeah...
Warhawk still has tons of people playing.
drummerx2709  +   1829d ago
PSN - NateNater27np
Add me. I've been playing Warhawk a lot more often lately and I can tell you the game is still alive and kicking.
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ChineseDemocracy  +   1829d ago
Well said. Take into consideration though, at that time, there was that whole "The PS3 has no games/The PS3 sucks" mindset, along with the smaller install base which i think really hurt alot of the market back then.

I guarantee if Warhawk was released around this time it would be huge! It really is a shame, thank God for a sequel though, the multiplayer in Warhawk was unreal.
Godmars290  +   1829d ago
Warhawk 2?!
F*ck that - Give me my Starhawk b*tch!
blumatt  +   1829d ago
I want a Starhawk instead. I want to explore and fight in the solar system. They could do so much in space that hasn't been done before in this generation. It would be refreshing. I'd love to be able to visit planets and crash into asteroids and stars.
Ju  +   1829d ago
I actually played Warhawk at the E3 in 2006 (or so). That was only a demo, had a story mode and actually pretty good sixaxis support running on the dev boxes (in those 19" racks - with 2 HDMIs and 2GB ethernets :)

That was a memorable moment. Petty the game did never release like that demo. I fought one of these motherships back then.

Ah, found a video: http://www.youtube.com/watc...
Better movie: http://www.youtube.com/watc...

Game was still one of the best community based online shooters and most underrated.
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Godmars290  +   1829d ago
I miss the idea of those flying cruisers.
crzyjackbauer  +   1829d ago
warhawk was really cool just fix the infantry gameplay and im sold
i dont think move will work good with it the sixaxis motion never did

oh and make it 60 player online matches resistance style
ThanatosDMC  +   1829d ago
What's wrong with the infantry gameplay? People love it. I dont care about it because im always in the sky.
sedx  +   1829d ago
256 players online... but kind of like MAG....one team is the invaders and has to destroy the planet ....battle in and out of planets,and this game would be epic
ThanatosDMC  +   1829d ago

I like your idea a lot.
llkrazykatll  +   1829d ago
There are still about 10k players a day for Warhawk I believe. I'm in the top 4000, with 700ish hrs in. Not to toot my horn, but one of the better remaining ground players. The ground game is not broken at all, the only thing broken is normal flight.
vickers500  +   1829d ago
Ground vs Air is a joke. If you're on the ground and up against an experienced player and there is no cover around, you are completely f*cked. Even if you are in a vehicle. I never liked flight combat (though I loved flight), I always stuck to ground combat. Nowadays, the only people playing are the speedy little bastards in the hawks. They need to give ground players better defensive perks and weapons, kind of like the deployable apc shield, except make it like a grenade or something, and have every player start with at least one
strickers  +   1829d ago
It is a bit broken.Some of the updates unbalanced it.I played about 106 hours of it and loved most of that.I loved tank driving but they overpowered the machine guns(mounted and jeep)leading to a jeep being more powerful than a tank and a meatl railing could stop a tank round hitting a man on a mounted gun.
Then they added jetpacks with rocket launchers that could lock onto tanks.Try shooting down a jetpack.I've shot down warhawks from miles away with a single shot but jetpacks were ridiculous.
The warhawks got so good that they could only be stopped by other warhawks or a tank from range that they didn't see.
The best pilots could not be shot down(could dodge rockets,AA etc),had the strongest weapons and could restock said weapons in seconds.
Shame.I loved that game until the machine gun/jetpack thing.
ThanatosDMC  +   1829d ago
I could dodge a hail of missiles and only use chaff when i know im gonna get hit... but the one thing all very skilled pilots hate the most are those f*cking flak cannons especially those who know how to use them. They can slaughter us hawks in the air easily because there's no way to dodge them when we get in range. Also a direct hit from one of the shells hurts the plane like a biatch.
guerojose  +   1829d ago
Hmmm, not too sure how Move would be properly employed in Warhawk. Campaign, maybe? I don't think I'd want to use it for multiplayer, with the constant switching between the different play modes.

And yes, I agree 100% that this is a GREAT, rock-solid online multiplayer game. And yes, I'm one of those people who still spends way to much time playing it (on occasional binges).
guerojose  +   1829d ago
...too much...
btk  +   1828d ago
Previous Warhawk was great with DS motion
I liked the motion controls on the Warhawk. Will be interesting to see if they have both motion controllers - and how they will measure up. Warhawk was the best DualShock / SixAxis motion control game so far. Would love to see how stick vs controller compares.
Spenok  +   1827d ago
Most likely.

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