Wiimote support added to XNA Dev Kit

Microsoft's XNA development kit is showing some love to the competition, revealing at the Assembly summer event
support for Nintendo's Wii remote.

Microsoft's Chad Hower gave a demonstration of the support by playing a very basic tech demo with the wand. The picture contained in the slideshow also showed the nunchuk attachment, though Joystiq's not sure if that's also supported or if Microsoft simply went with the first stock photo they could find.

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TheMART3945d ago

Soonish a Wii emu for XNA? :P haha

unsunghero283945d ago

Well, it only works with PC, but wow, that's quite something for MS to pull.

I doubt that having a PC-operated Wii remote will make a big difference in the console wars, but I did not see that one coming...

Effects Guardian3944d ago

Same here, but XNA is being pushed onto consoles (Xbox for now, I think) so who knows. :P

Mr Murda3945d ago

I almost am wondering if MS is wanting to encourage some motion control game development in order to pave the way for a motion controller for the 360. Not sure why they would do this otherwise. Hmmmm?

BIadestarX3945d ago

Actually... this is thanks to the .net framework... not XNA... the only reason why it only work on the PC... one can imports all kind of libraries to an XNA project... including unrelated game stuff.. i.e. I can import a library that can use Oracle databases... no use on the consoles since non of these libraries will be available on the xbox 360... since .net framework version of the xbox 360 is the compact version... this is not XNA doing this... but more the .net framework... hense why it only works on PC.... technically no reason why the xbox 360 can't be upgraded to support the wiimote.. but not on microsoft best interest.. or not that nintendo will allow it...
this goes to show how much power and flexibility the .net framework and XNA have...
The .net framework can be used to make all type of applications... using the same kind of tools and knowledge... why do you think developers are so confortable making games on the xbox 360?
Technically... .net framework and XNA can be use to make games for all platforms and consoles. Including the wii and the PS3... Will never happen... since Sony and Nintendo would probably be too embarrazed to use a competitor technology on their hardware...
think of the XNA and .net framework the same way you think of Unreal Engine... if microsoft would own that engine.... Sony and Nintendo would not use it...

ItsDubC3945d ago

As long as there are .NET libraries and a virtual machine for the console that meets the specifications of the CLI the way the .NET CLR does for Windows then yes, the .NET framework could be used to create games for that console.

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The story is too old to be commented.