Army of Two - 35min. Gameplay

35min of Developer Walkthrough showing Cooperative gameplay in two screens, enjoy.

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HeartlesskizZ3974d ago

I notice that theres is no reload during the gameplay, but then again
at the end he said u can mod ur magazine so u reaload less often. thats wierd.

hotshot12373974d ago

a killer app that not many people are hearing about

Lakuspakus3974d ago

I think it's Gears of War and R6:Vegas Wannabe :)

Rooted_Dust3974d ago

I think this game sets itself apart somewhat by being the first co-op focus game.

TeaDouble_E3974d ago (Edited 3974d ago )

Just my opinion thats all, but if your for it, Im not gonna stop you.

AllroundGamer3974d ago

me neither, looks like a sleeper $hit :)

hotshot12373974d ago

people need to stop wit that. so from now on every game will be a wannabe huh, and you've never even played the game

Lakuspakus3974d ago

Thing is, i was not deadly serious.

But when a game does almost exactly what a giant Hit just did, and they do it the samy way, I tend to belive they just want a piece of that giant cake.

DrPirate3974d ago

Me and some of my best friends will have a ball with this. Enough said.

I hope it does well.

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The story is too old to be commented.