Rock Band sales hit high note on PS3, Xbox 360

Sales for EA's Rock Band title scared over the weekend as consumers pre-ordered 200$ box sets of the new music tilte for Microsoft's Xbox 360 ans Sony's PS3.

The Xbox 360 Rock Band Special Edition rose 29.680 percent in sales by sat. evening. As of Mon. morning the tile had beci=ome the #4 best selling item at's Computer & Video Games division.

Sales for the PS3 Rock Band Special Edition increased by 4.586 percent by sat. evening. It's currently ranked # 74 in the Coputer & Video Games division.

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Nigglet3944d ago

this site would have posted "PS3 ROCKBAND OUTSELLS 360 600%!!" and they would have made a huge deal about it.

razer3944d ago

It's sad but your comments are true.

But then again it would of meant more since the PS3 install base is so much smaller.

Bazookajoe_833944d ago

Think i pass on this one untill it drops in price..

DrPirate3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

And people said this game was too expensive. Nothing deters the price of fun. This game is going to be a blast, I got my pre-order, can't wait for that drum kit.
Edit: Holy crap spelling errors in that article. Post written by 12 year old confirmed.

Alvadr3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

Seriously, I dont get all the buzz around this game.

$200 for 1 game is insane. Plus they will get milked out of even more cash from downloadable content.

Imagine the best game you have ever played.. Now think, would you have paid $200 for it? Hmmmmm

DrPirate3944d ago

I would have paid 200$ for Final Fantasy 7, and I'd pay that for a remake as well.

People have spent tons more money on much more idiotic things. My sister bought a 600 dollar handbag, we buy things that correspond to our respective hobbies and how much pleasure we may derive from the enjoyment of a video game, and how far it can take us on an emotional level.

rhood0223944d ago

I don't get the popularity either. In many ways, it kind of reminds of this decades "DDR." I mean, I played Guitar Hero I and II, but after about 20 min or so I would get bored. My friends on the other hand would continue to play for hours. I've tried to get them to explain why it's so fun, but they just can't.

Besides I would rather use the $200 + whatever amount for extra content on other things .

sa_nick3943d ago

If you buy the game and a guitar THATS 1 game (like Guitar Hero). Adding a drum gives you a whole other game (like drumania), then the mic gives you another game (like singstar but with good music)

Then you have the whole 4 player experience on top of that. It's $200 well spent and will have hours upon hours of replayability.

Odion3944d ago

you don't have to buy the 200 dollar version. If you want just the game and 1 thing you can just get that

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