Madden Blog: Things You Won't See on the Back of the Box

Madden Producer writes in IGN blog:

Hello again fellow Madden fans, I'm back with a new blog installment this week, and I really wanted this week to focus on a few of the smaller features that rarely get mentioned by the press. This is just a fraction of some of the new gameplay improvements we've made for Madden NFL 08, but it's also the stuff that will likely never make the back of the box. I really like that this blog gives me the chance to let the community know about some of these things that you might never have known about until you saw it in your game at home.

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Funky Town_TX3730d ago

I know hard core gamers hate Madden. I have been critical of it myself but I sounds like they have fixed some things. I bet the whole 2k football vs Madden thing will start up but they are not the same game. I will get Madden this year because maybe just maybe EA has stepped up. 06 was trash, 07 was leftovers headed to the trash, and I hope 08 will be a good meal.

s8anicslayer3730d ago

will never happen they just releasing the same crap year after year