Sony Online Entertainment's Primary Quest

At Sony Online Entertainment's Fan Faire over the weekend, SOE boss John Smedley detailed a new Legends of Norrath digital card game, increased investments in PlayStation Network and the firm's multi-faceted strategy to move beyond the hardcore.

"We're also being given a chance to look at upcoming movies that might fit within the MMO genre," said Smedley. "We have some things that we can't announce yet that fit within this category."

"We're being given the opportunity to be involved in movies based on games where the fit is right," said Smedley. "The EverQuest movie is something that is being looked at very closely."

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Dancryer3909d ago

John Smedley the guy that murdered Star Wars Galaxies ..... I hope it follows him like a bad stink for the rest of his life !!

s8anicslayer3909d ago

ok, but where are the psn games?