Enterbrain: 80GB PS3 is heading to Japan

Enterbrain's chief marketing analyst Mitsunobu Uwatoko revealed to MCV that, following the PS3's price cut in the US and the introduction of the 80GB version, the Japanese industry is expecting a similar move in the territory – despite the fact that Sony has instead chosen to introduce a bundle similar to the European pack.

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Weel the 60GB PS3's will pass away. Sony will not bank EE as far as the PS3 production goes and, with the money earned from the remove of the EE, Sony can lower it's loss.

I wold even go with the theory that since the 80GB comes in the market unbundled it will come with a world pricecut, that would be why they are holding the bundles in all places.

If you come to think, the 80GB is cheaper to produce than the 60GB... The 80GB on the bundle is 599$, but with a 60$ game, it's more like 539$... With extra controller, it's even more cheap... I would not been surprise if, by september or november, the 80GB comes unbundled with a 449$ pricetag (or the correspondent ammount of maney in each reagion), or even lower, all around the world.

DJ3763d ago

to $499 in late November/early December. By then, the 60 GB stock should be depleted, and sales will probably climb even further. $449 would be nice, but won't make a significant difference (pricing psychology). A $399 move would be too desperate and costly. $499 is the perfect price for this holiday season, and a drop to $399 for Holiday 08 would be in line with what they need to do.

While some may see even $399 as being too expensive, it's obvious with current PS3 sales figures that people are willing to spend the money if the value is justified, which it now is due to the amazing titles coming out, as well as great Firmware updates and the introduction of HOME.