Five Ways Microsoft can save Xbox Live Arcade

Neglect, mismanagement, and a stunning amount of shameless price gouging are ruining one of gaming's natural beauties.

Few features of now-gen seemed so tantalisingly next-gen when they were unveiled last-gen as the delight that should be Xbox Live Arcade. Quirky odd-balls delights, download for virtual peanuts at the touch, as they say, of several buttons.

Read on to view the five ways Microsoft can save it's Xbox Live Arcade.

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God of Gaming3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

Save it? The arcade has been great the last few months.... this article would have worked a year ago but not now.

Most of my friends are very happy with new games like Bomberman LIVE and Pac Man Championship edition mixed with great old classics that run great in Sonic along with Online co-opping in Golden Axe.

Lakuspakus3916d ago

The Arcade is better than ever, so I really can't see where they get this from.

Sonic rocks!
Bomberman LIVE rocks!
Hell, even Frogger rocks :P

Tempo3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

like you guys said already, wasn't aware it needed saving. Thats my source for casual gaming, its fine the way it is.

supaet3916d ago

I sense more and more biased anti-360 articles on this side

Xeoset3916d ago

This site is practically run by sony fanboys.

Look at the bottom, they even advertise/have a section on PS3 Home.

_insane_cobra3916d ago

I respect this guy's right to an opinion, but XBLA needs no saving.

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The story is too old to be commented.