Microsoft: 'Every game will work with every 360 system'

Microsoft Denied reports that select Xbox 360 titles will require a hard drive to play amid growing concerns among Xbox 360 Core owners(those without hard drives).

"Every game will work with every Xbox 360 system," a Microsoft spokesman told GamePro when asked about the "Hard Drive Required" sticker. "But just like some games will require you to have a Memory Unit to save games, some games will require you to have a Hard Drive to experience them."

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mintrieri3784d ago

It is a bit unclear, but if you read the article carefully, he is talking about Game Saves which will require either a memory card or the HDD. Cheers.

spasticjustice3783d ago

Didn't Microsoft basically say that you don't need the hard drive. Then they went and said you do need the hard drive??....

P4KY B3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

Or put it another way. Is there anyone without a HDD?

How much does an HDD really cost MS? About $10 probably
MS could just bundle one with GTA4 if they needed to.

Or even better when core owners get the RROD MS just fits an HDD to the repaired console.

BLACKJACK VII3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

You have to have at least a memory card to save your games if you have no HDD. But, as P4KY B mentioned, what percentage of Xbox 360 gamer's do not have a HDD at this point ? And if future games do *require* a HDD, so what ? Buy a 20g HDD on eBay !

TeaDouble_E3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

I don't have a 360 and Im not planing to buy one .

Lakuspakus3784d ago

Why do you think we should be interested in reading you sayin that?

felidae3784d ago

very intelligent post.

tehcellownu3784d ago

20gb is not enough so i feel bad for all 360

Lakuspakus3784d ago

You do know there is a 120Gb HDD out, yeah?

Gil3784d ago

You posted a comment on a story that does not, nor will ever affect you. What was your point?

darkequitus3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

you moron. You are almost as bad as the infernal nasim. Well, maybe not that bad

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ASSASSYN 36o3784d ago

I don't know a single person on xbox-live or in person whom purchased a core system that didn't eventually get a harddrive. Weather Microsoft wants to state it or not is a requirement to get half of the ability out of the 360.

INRI3784d ago

No need for HDD so far as i can play the games

akaFullMetal3784d ago

wait, isnt there agame that wont work with the core system?? Oblivion???

RadientFlux3784d ago

that online final fantasy game, required one

Lakuspakus3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

It works very well without a HDD.Just a tad increased loading time and some more stuttering when moving from one "cell" to another, due to caching on HDD.

tplarkin73784d ago

I didn't know that FFXI worked without the HDD. Then why did the PS2 version of FFXI require the HDD?