iPhone Versus PS3

A San Diego Tribune columnist wrote up an interesting piece on iPhone hype, comparing the buzz surrounding the Jesus phone to the Playstation 3 launch fever.

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DEADEND3881d ago

i dont see the point of comparing them but i guess some people have nothing better to do.

actionjackson3881d ago

I have both and I must say, don't compare these two. Just because they come in at the same price point doesn't mean they are in any way, shape or form comparable. Personally, for the money these cost, the PS3 is a much better deal, with many more features and will outlast the Iphone you buy now. In a few months, the Iphone will have a newer model and the ones now will be obsolete. Also, the Balckberry Pearl and Samsung Blackjack are not too different from this phone in terms of function, and they are at the very least half the price. So while you can do a million things with the PS3, without paying an arm and a leg for a service contract, the iphone provides a very different service.

TriggerHappy3881d ago

People will compare anything to the PS3 now adays, the PS3 is compared to computers, to the 360 and now phones...

DFresh3881d ago

Personally I think to what you can do regarded technology the PS3 is better. I'm not that big of a fan of phones but the iphone is still the best in that area. You really kinda can't compare them.

Blasphemy3881d ago

Ok I don't see whhy this is here as PS3 and Iphone are two totally different things aimed at two totally different markets..

Bazookajoe_833881d ago

Atleast here in northern europe, the network on the iphone are to slow compared to the ones we use here.

MikeJonesOK3881d ago

apples and oranges my friend, apples and oranges

sajj3163881d ago

apples and oranges are still fruit. Reading the article is optional but the article header is "iPhone hype, sales figures apparently not in sync". The articles compares the sales versus hype of both products. Bottom line, they were both very hyped and in my opinion rightfully so. Both are great technologies. Both however shared the same not-so-consumer-friendly price of $500.00 and higher.

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The story is too old to be commented.