Ugly Video Game Characters

Via Polish the Console: "Every video game has an ugly character or two and I can overlook them. But I find it difficult to get connected to, feel empathy for, or wish for the survival of my main character when all I can think is “Holy crap why did they make him so damn ugly?” I’m supposed to be living for a period of this person’s life. I’m supposed to assume their role and identify with them. Why would I want to? Is it supposed to be fun to have children and women run screaming at my very appearance and have farmers chase me with pitchforks until I eventually burn to death in a windmill (name that movie)? No, its not fun."

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Blacktric2579d ago

Her face was "kinda" f*cked up actually. She was hot there is no doubt about it but she kinda seemed different to most players because of her face. Oh and BTW the ugliest game character is without a doubt Ganon from Wand Of Gamelon and Faces Of Evil.

Rot_in_Fail2579d ago

butterface lol, never heard that before, funny lol :D

StbI9902579d ago

Love butterface over any cute face w/e any @ss...butterface FTW!

Rumor2578d ago

lmao, i ROTF when u said overpowered jaw line hahahahaha

Redrum0592578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

wat about tingle from the zelda games?
i hate that guy... thing?...

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dizzleK2579d ago

i disagreed with it too. miranda would definitely be in the top list of "easy on the eyes" characters.

Kurt Russell2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

I would say she is a BOBFOC personally ;)

Body of baywatch face of crimewatch

Reibooi2579d ago

Her face had that uncanny valley effect. If you know who she is modeled after and have seen the real person and then she Miranda in game she just looks off.

That said I would not go as far as to call her ugly. There are far worse characters out there.

Myze2579d ago

Actually, knowing who she is modeled after, kind of helped me picture her (Yvonne Strahovski) while playing. Anyone who claims the real life woman is ugly has some of the worst taste imaginable.

ExplosionSauce2579d ago

Looks like they made her ugly, compared to the real life model.

b-real2579d ago

but they slightly (just slightly) over powered her jaw line. Other than that she is hot stuff. To bad she hated my ME2 character :(. I ended up f*cking that ugly jack mole just to get a load off...

Socrates2578d ago

"To bad she hated my ME2 character :(. I ended up f*cking that ugly jack mole just to get a load off..."

That stuff had me laughing my @ss off. lol

But yeah, Miranda is hot. I don't care what anybody says.

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Alos882579d ago

I'm surprised they mentioned her but not Jack.

Galaxia2579d ago

Jack was utterly revolting, both physically and personality wise. Worst character ever.

unknownhero11232579d ago

with a bullet wound in the stomache. miranda is not ugly, I don't see why she's on this list.

Ocelot5252579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )


Yi-Long2579d ago

... is one of the worst and ugliest lead-character designs in a game ever. Horrible.

I'm pretty damn sure many people never gave the game a chance because the lead-character was so unappealing.

Persistantthug2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

What planet are you from?
On this planet, she's hot...even if it is a video game.

Also, alot of people didn't give the game a chance because PLATINUM GAMES botched the PS3 version. However, they've since learned their lesson and will now lead develop their game(s) on the PS3. Had they not gone the lazy route and had they done that from the start, Bayonetta would have done better both COMMERCIALLY and CRITICALLY.

Considering this is a Japanese based game, they should have done this from the start.

One good thing to come out of this "fiasco", is that ALOT of other developers took notice.

acky12579d ago

i had a permanent chubby throughout the Bayonetta demo...shes damn hot

Greywulf2579d ago

Bayonetta just didnt' appeal to the general PS3 audience. Even if it ran that 5% better on the PS3, theres this thing called God Of War 3 that people have been looking forward to for years.

It just came out of nowhere, and was an oversexed generic blah of a title.

xskipperx822579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

It ran better on PS3??? Are you retarded?

Persistantthug2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

I didn't say BAYONETTA would have gone double or TRIPLE platinum....

What I said is, if the game (PS3's version) had not been universally reported and WIDELY PUBLICIZED as inferior on the PS3, then the game would have done BETTER both commercially AND critically.

Bayonetta lost review scores AND sales behind this "fiasco".

What's the problem here, Greywulf?

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Yes_22579d ago

I get that some people might not find Miranda's face attractive because she's fairly unique looking, but "ugly"? Hardly. She's no uglier than the average girl you'd see irl. That's what makes her an interesting character to look at imo...She's not a cookie-cutter beauty. She has her flaws. Just like a real person.

"Ugly" is someone who looks like Gruntilda or Wario or Street Fighter's Rufus. Not Miranda.

Sometimes I wonder what sort of standards people on N4G have... or does the internet skew people's perceptions or something? :/

starchild2579d ago

I agree completely. Miranda was nice to look at. I thought she was attractive for a videogame character.

dredgewalker2579d ago

Miranda ain't ugly, she just looks average with a lot of sex appeal. I can say Chloe is ugly even though she also has a lot of sex appeal.

MmaFanQc2579d ago

she look like michel jackson.........

inception1232579d ago

miranda is only ugly because the 360 isn't powerful enough to make her look the way the devs wanted(she was modeled after her voice actress yvonne strahovski).

DarkSpawnClone2579d ago

wow really ?,wtf is with all the trolls and fanboys.can we have one convo with out being a fanboy!!?!?.look at the 2 tools that agreed with him,i hope they just missed the disagree button.

Megaton2579d ago

Miranda's a brown bagger. Jack has a way better face, and Tali probably does too.