Cubed³ Exclusive Interview | EA Talks Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix on Wii

The Harry Potter series of books may be up to its seventh and final entry now, but the movies, and subsequent game tie-ins, are just at the fifth – Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix. With the popularity of the magical series growing ever more with each new edition, the games have become more and more scrutinized by gamers and critics alike, meaning more pressure has been placed on the developer to produce a top quality product. With this being the first ever Wii edition, Cubed³ caught up with the EA development team working on it to see how things have turned out.

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alexander22rednaxela3947d ago

Is there a chance Harry`S been waggling on the wii so much he might go wii exclusive?
easyer making a wii game than a next gen game.

jinn3947d ago

it's best for harry potter to remain as a book and out of the videogame world so i can prove to everyone that videogames are better than all of the harry potter books combined.