Future XBLA Lineup Announced

Hot August games also releasing this month:

· "Ecco the Dolphin" (Sega) Cool off with this fun, whimsical update of the classic undersea exploration game featuring everyone's favorite bottlenose dolphin, Ecco!

· "Hexic 2" (Carbonated Games) The highly anticipated sequel to the popular puzzle game "Hexic HD" will have gamers racing to solve brand new challenges, including an all new two player Battle mode.

· "War World" (Ubisoft) A pure adrenaline rush, War World features powerful armored mechanoids battling head-to-head in all-out savage single and multiplayer battles that combine action and strategy.

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nirwanda3880d ago

the latest ms news letter say's that sensi will be this week bought ms points at weekend just for this also supper puzzle fighter, puzzle quest and war world looks great aggh goin to need more points

P4KY B3880d ago


But now i'm upset. Because MS are fixing my 360 right now and i'm so bored without it.

e-ray3880d ago

I can't even wait for Streets of Rage 2. Best beat 'em up ever, IMO.

Scrooge3880d ago

Yeah, that one's good. Bad Dudes would bring back memories for me. "Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the President?"

God of Gaming3880d ago

What games would you want from the 2600? Just going off memory.. I dont think they would age well :I

ParaDise_LosT3880d ago

O_o streets of rage 2 :O
awesome :)

ben hates you3880d ago

see some of the older games like Tie fighter stuff like that i love that stuff

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The story is too old to be commented.