Buy In Style - Get Sony PS3 Plus $150 For Games And Accessories Free

The Microsoft Xbox 360 may be dropping in price but Sony has an even better deal for thrifty online shoppers.


Please note: Many sites have posted this news as $150 the purchase of the PS3, that is not correct. The credit is for a future purchase and is applied after the initial purchase within 8-12 weeks. That is why is reporting it as free money towards the purchase of accessories and/or games.

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actionjackson3878d ago

But to clarify, you can actually use the 150 toward the current purchse, so it can drop the PS3 price by 150. It's not just for accessories.

Nostradavis3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

I jut got off the phone with a rep from the Sony credit card division and the only way you can use it on the current purchase without paying interest is to pay it off immediately, wait for the credit to post (which can take up to 3 months, then close the account and wait for Sony to mail you a check.

@Sedin below...
He said there is no penalty for canceling the card.

Sedin3878d ago

I was thinking of calling them myself before I read your post. I wonder why the 12month 0%APR they have on the promo doesn't apply on the first purchase?

And did she say if there is any fee for canceling the Sony Card before a certain period of time?

cdzie13878d ago

The average creidt card costs the consumer over $300 in interest & fees over its lifetime. This is a scam deal.

Nostradavis3878d ago

The idea is to sign up for the card, buy the PS3, pay it off as if you were going to buy it in the store with cash etc...and then take advantage of the deal.

Poor credit management is on the consumer. That applies regardless of where you purchase the item, be it Best Buy, Circuit City, etc.

You can not knock a deal because there will then be temptation to abuse the privilege of having the card. If that is the case just cut it up afterwards.

aiphanes3878d ago

Why is this not so hard to do? It is simple if you want a PS3 for $350.

mikeslemonade3878d ago

I've never owned credit card, so when you recieve the credit card after 3 months of the PS3 purchase, you close it? Doesn't that mean you have to use the $150 immediately?

Nostradavis3878d ago


If you intend to take advantage of the deal but do NOT want to pay any credit card interest (which is what I suggest you do) then you apply for the card, purchase the PS3, as soon as you get your 1ST statement you pay the ENTIRE balance.

This leaves you with a zero balance, then you wait for the credit of 150 to show on your account, you call Sony and have them close the account and then they will mail you a check for the balance on the card which will be 150 in your favor.