DVD: Toshiba to Bring Out 3rd Generation HD-DVD Players in October

Ultimately, it seems like the format war is going to come down to the fourth quarter.....

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paracardium3786d ago

Have to give them credit for still trying i guess..

Antan3786d ago

Fair enough Blu-Ray and HD players are coming down in price, but still the price of films compared to regular DVD will still put the vast majority of mass market people off, also bearing in mind they are still going to have to buy a HD tv to get the most from their purchase. A cheaper player from either format will not decide anything now or over the next few years..

Fan Tastic3786d ago

As well as axe those stupid combo's that don't work half the time. Yeah, I really want to boil my disc before playing.

cdzie13786d ago

Whatever.. go watch your Blu-rays...

HD DVD players are not buggy and combos work just fine.

GuCCi5123786d ago

maybe just his was buggy. just like how some peoples xbox 360 get the ring of death but other people say that they have no problems....but i will go watch my blu-ray

16 blu-rays + PS3 = Great Entertainment!!

cdzie13786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

There is information about these models that won’t be talked about in the press, but may play a big part in the format war. First, these new models are smaller than any current Blu-ray or HD DVD players, they come close to regular DVD players in size. But the biggest thing is the cost of manufacturing is greatly reduced on these models, putting HD DVD in position to be the price leader and it will likely lead to $199 street prices, considered to be the “hot zone” for mass-market adoption.

xfrgtr3786d ago

Who really cares about a dying format,no movies,no support.

Fan Tastic3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Guess what, they are still getting Killing in software sales.

I'm sure you will disagree again, and you will still be wrong again if you do. The players are buggy, the combo's have major issues. Go to any home theater forum and you'll find it to be true. Don't be an ignorant Toshiba/MS sheep.

"cdzie1 - 5 Minutes ago
5.1 -
HD DVD is a losing format? It has a bigger market-share than PS3. HD DVD players sell better than Blu-ray players. That's a losing format?

Not true in the slightest. The more you talk the more foolish you sound. You are pretty much the reason HD DVD is sucking ass, continual lies and mistruths.

GuCCi5123786d ago

i wanna know why the dvd combo disk are like $5 more that any other people really need those

because its like im buying this hddvd to by the movie in high definition, so why do i need the dvd version?

i guess i could take the movie over to my friends house who dosent have the kind of setup that i have...but do i have to pay $30??? i think it should be a u get the dvd version as a bonus.....

the hardware might be getting cheaper but the software is high....even high than some blu-ray titles.

ITR3785d ago

Because you might not have a HD DVD player in your desktop/laptop or on other tv's.
No portable HD DVD players either.

$5 bucks for the DVD ver is cheap considering most cost $19.99 on avg.

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Vip3r3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

But who's going to invest into a loosing format? Just that BD has a better selction of movies.

cdzie13786d ago

HD DVD is a losing format? It has a bigger market-share than PS3. HD DVD players sell better than Blu-ray players. That's a losing format?

cdzie13786d ago

Counting PS3, there are 5 Blu-ray players for every 1 HD DVD player. The Blu-ray group outspends the HD DVD group 10 to 1.

And yet, Blu-ray only enjoys a 2 to 1 software lead? What does that tell us?

HD DVD is capturing the hardcore movie enthusiast, people who buy a lot of movies. Blu-ray is totally supported by PS3, and the sheer numbers are giving it an early advantage. But HD DVD is better setup for the mass market with cheaper players, the combo format and a completed standard that won’t make players obsolete like Blu-ray. But don't take my word for it, the head of Warner Bros said the same thing.

Fan Tastic3786d ago

Sadly you probably don't even comprehend that you are contradicting yourself now.

Studios don't give a rats ass about attach rates, they care about the volume of movies they sale and that is it. Also, keep in mind Toshiba will be putting HD-DVD drives in their laptops, there goes your attach rate that you care about so much (studios don't). You do realize (well you probably don't, you are very ignorant of many other things, hence you contradicting yourself) Toshiba has significant market share in laptops.

Instead of confusing yourself further, read up before making a bigger fool of yourself.

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