New "feature" discovered in Halo 3?

This has not been confirmed by any of the reports released by Bungie. However, a new screenshot acquired from Bungie's,award winning studios, upcoming sequel to one of the most popular video series games to be ever created, show that "body targeting functionality" has been implemented in Halo 3.

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TriggerHappy3821d ago

Now if this feature does indeed make it into Halo 3 ?, Brutes will need an extra armor because am going to be "O.Ding".

Eric93583821d ago

i don't get it the picture looks like the brute got hit buy a rocket am i missing something

laryforlife3821d ago

what feature again, i only see a red reticule

Daishi3821d ago

I agree, but did you notice the forth grenade type?

FFVIIFan3821d ago

and then turned toward the brute. Who knows though. Will just have to wait for Bungie to say something.

INRI3821d ago

Better show us some gameplay or hell with ´em!

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The story is too old to be commented.