Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (PS3) Review

Presentation and Graphics: The game uses likenesses of the actors from the Fantastic Four movies, and they look fairly similar. Character models for all other characters are pretty good. Character animations looked pretty good, but not great.The environments didn't match that level in most areas. The background details were sparse with repeated textures. The worst part about the graphics were the framerate issues. Whenever the camera would pan around large areas, or you were fighting multiple enemies on screen, there was a noticeable slowdown. This was one of the major factors that turned me off to the game right from the start. 3 of 5

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drunkpandas3970d ago

I haven't played a game so un-fun in a long time. The repetitive gameplay in Fantastic Four is the worst. Go through a door, kill 10 enemies, go through a door, go down/up an elevator… then repeat. It got old very quickly.

taz80803970d ago

Nope which is sad, comic books have a lot of potential when it coems to games, yet they make them horribly, i.e. ghost rider games! They bank on the movie versions and just try to cash in on the release of the films and rush them out.

taz80803970d ago

That is a shame since hte Xmen Legens games were fun. I think one thing that made the Xmen and Marvel games was the ability ot use all the different characters, in FF you only use 4 characters and two of them are kinda lame. ::looks over at invisible woman and Mr Fantastic and laughs::

fiercescuba3969d ago

It seems that these companies assume that people will buy these games based solely on the movie. So many times these games are pushed out to coincide with a movie release, this PS3 edition being the exception, but very little was changed from the xbox360 version. Invisible woman is a beat character as well.

Wolverick3969d ago

the officially made this game equally as bad as the first fantastic four.

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The story is too old to be commented.