Kojima Will Be Present At GC This Month With A Playable Version Of MGS4

Konami has confirmed this morning that Hideo Kojima, The legendary creator of Metal Gear Solid series will be present at Games Convention this month in Germany and will show a playable version of MGS4 at the show but did not reveal if it will be a new footage or the same footage which was shown at the MGS Anniversary event in Japan

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Bill Gates3969d ago

MGS4. Isn't that the game that the XBOTS are stressing to have on the 3FixMe? or is it the FF series? I know I only listed two games but it's just that the list could go on and on for games the XBOTS want on their third or fourth 3FixMe with their SUPER DUPER EXTENDED WARRANTY....AAHAHAHHAHA

It's a good thing I have a PS3, and wont be missing out on this GREAT GAME....AHHAHHAHAHA

Razzy3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

You can bet your ass that all Xbots with working 360's are sweating thinking about the Red Ring of Death arriving at or just before the launch of the hype machine that is Halo 3. What a kick in the nuts that would be, eh? DAMN!!

socomnick3969d ago

yea I agree with Idontcare bill and razz are just two little kids who try to merit their mommy's ps3 purchase by bashing the xbox 360.

Razzy3968d ago

Grow up? Methinks what I said put a scare into you two. Truth is painful sometimes isn't it?
Also, I'm posting this from my WORK pc. Understand? Yes I have a good paying full time job that allows me to purchase pretty much what I want and I choose not to buy the 360. I'd buy a Wii before that POS.

PS..Enjoy living your mothers basement. I've got a feeling you two will be there a long time.

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s8anicslayer3969d ago

maybe this will be the final conformation from kojima to silence fanboys that a 360 version will never happen, but on second thought even if he says it again ther still will be rumors of a 360 port


I agree with you Bill .... But chill out on all the Xbot stuff.

I can't wait for this game, I wish I was at THIS convention, I wonder how well snake handles, the controls, (for him) are usually spot on. It may take a little while for new comers, but MAN, whoever gets to play this demo is one lucky SOB.

I can't wait, these next couple of months are looking real good for the PS3, keep it up guys, we still have a huge mountain to cross, to catch up to the 360

Then after that, Sony will have to face the old arch Nemesis, that is



TriggerHappy3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

it has just been confirmed via a press release.

Someone disagrees with me for what?

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