(UK) Xbox 360 Elite: MSFT's beefed up home hub is set to be a winner

"Take a look and the changes might seem superficial, just like when a lady gets a little too slap happy with the blusher. Gone is the white frame that's been gathering dust under your boobtube for the past couple of years. In comes a slick looking black version instead."

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dale13881d ago

no one wants one theres no xbox360,s in the top 50 at so why would we want the elite and add on hard drive for £500 when we can get a ps3 all in for £329
considering as well that 800 game shops only sell bluray dvd,s and the reliability of the 360 is the worse console ever made you can see this is not a smart move

Lakuspakus3881d ago

Fanboy thrashtalking or an ignorant person? You be the judge.

razer3881d ago

I'd say a bit of both..

xbox360migs3880d ago

Our Game in the south west has HD DVD's, I bought some recently!

alexander22rednaxela3881d ago

Let the green light of glory shine and HD-DVD have 29 studios supporting it compared to Blu-rays 26.

Fighter3881d ago

The majority of the 26 Blu-ray supporting studios are major Hollywood studios.

Blu-ray: FOX, MGM, Disney/Buena Vista/Miramax, Lions Gate, Sony, Warner, Paramount.

HD-DVD: Universal, Warner, Paramount.

solidt123881d ago

How did this post get approved. All this is is a sells pitch.

InMyOpinion3880d ago

Still, it's more news than a poll or a blogpost.