Xbox 360 "Bricking" Suit Settled

In light of the $1 billion charge Microsoft earmarked for Xbox 360 repairs, it's not terribly surprising that Kevin Ray vs. Microsoft is now water under the bridge.

In late November 2006, Calif. resident Ray filed what was originally a class action lawsuit against Microsoft in a Wash. State District Court, alleging an October firmware update for Xbox 360 rendered his console useless (i.e., "bricked").

A July 12 court filing indicates that the case had been settled out of court and was handled on an individual basis with Ray as opposed to a class action.

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jinn3940d ago

a billion dollar charge from Microsoft would be like taking only a thousand dollars from them.

razer3940d ago

It doesn't mean they will use it all.

I also find it funny that the same Lawyer is also representing some of the disc scratching plaintiffs. Sounds to me like bottom feeders.

Hopefully "Ray" will take some of his good fortune go buy a nice meal and then choke on it!