Record Haul of Chipped Consoles Seized in UK

Police officers have swooped to make the largest ever console chipping seizure in UK history.The discovery of chipped Wii and Xbox 360 consoles at a residential property was made after officers first raided a tradesman's stall at a Halifax market. When his residence was later searched, West Yorkshire Police unearthed a staggering 246 Wii and 168 Xbox 360 consoles...

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redsymphony3909d ago

F**K all these stupid raids i bought my system i can do what ever i want to it

THC CELL3909d ago

u really don't see the point do u ?

SuperSaiyan43909d ago

When you purchase the piece of hardware check the terms and conditions you automatically go into a contract that any modifactions to the hardware is not allowed and can result in prosectution.

Mod chipping = Piracy and can also lead to as it has to cheating online.

The number of people that are too cheap to purchase things legally disgusts me, the hard working people in the video game, music and movie industry has people just copying and burning onto media to sell on.

Why should I if I was a developer release say a top game like HALO 3 or MGS4 when people are only going to rip me off for my hard work? Might as well make crap games so people can then pass that on instead.

Disagree if you want it just shows that those who disagree must be into piracy themselves and encourage it.

And dont go telling me 'its good for the industry' thats total BS if it was then why havent prices plummetted?

I purchase things legally and can sleep properly at night.

If you get caught GOOD your dishonesty will show you where it leads and thats to JAIL!

THC CELL3909d ago

i no them lads they sold my old woman fake i pods till they got there stall done over.

Bazookajoe_833909d ago

And it´s pretty easy to do, i wonder how many of the 360 that are chipped? 20%/30%?

jigaman3909d ago

Thats the people YOU know. Which doesn't even count for 1% of the total 360 owners. Try again cowboy!

Bazookajoe_833909d ago

Of course i know a million people ;-) Im just saying that i think it´s realy big to chipp youre console in europe. Calm down cowboy, i dont know how it is in America, but what are youre estimated number? 30% was a little overstated but i think up to 15% maybe..

MADGameR3909d ago

Pretty soon Bush will have all Americans get chipped but for now its voluntary. EVERYONE will be forced to take the chip once all nations are combined! Either take the chip, or they will kill you. Its no joke man. This is a history repeat of the Hitler event. ''Americans will likely die in American soil'' Which means IDIOTS! WAKE UP! stop supporting the war! It is because of people not caring to stand up is what will make WW3. History repeats itself as all we will do is just SIT there and watch it go!

THC CELL3909d ago

not even worth it really.

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