CVG: PGR4 Interview - More fun less realism

It's difficult to keep the fourth game in any series fresh - especially when its a racer. But this is a fact that the lads at Bizarre Creations are well aware of...

Bikes and weather effects are the biggest touting points of PGR4 - but web and community lead Ben Ward assures us they're more than just for show. In fact, he reckons this'll be the best installment since PGR2. Here's hoping...

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Bill Gates3636d ago

Less realism because the hardware is not capable of achieving it...HAHAHHAHHA

omansteveo3636d ago

PGR has never been realistic.

ben hates you3636d ago

i thought the admins deleted the bill gatess, but have you ever heard of forza, moron, but nothing wrong with a fun racing game, i enjoyed the third installment

sjappie3636d ago

he feeds of the attention he gets here. Because his parents didn't give him any love, he now comes to this site to get some attention, even though it's negative attention, it makes him feel all warm and fuzzy inside. This boy needs a hug.

AbyssGravelord3636d ago

Hey Bill aren't you supposed to be somewhere? Oh yeah Waiting beyond, Go turn on your PS3 and just look at the screen for a few hours.

darkequitus3636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )

You C*CK!

tehcellownu3636d ago

What did you expect they cut down on things because dvd9 cant handle it..the 360 would just over heat and give the redlights..

felidae3636d ago

fun is always good. what's your problem anyway?

razer3636d ago

Do you ever give your blind Xbox 360 bashing a rest?

You know you want to buy one since you seem to be so damn obsessed with it.

Oh well, back to ignore for you.

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Gamer133636d ago

The game looks better than pgr3 and alot more features - can,t wait to play this monster.

IM OUT...///"""

jinn3636d ago

and the winner is burnout paradise.

razer3636d ago

and the winner is.

Burnout Paradise.

INRI3636d ago

PGR4 GT5 Burnout P. FMS2 or whatever
for Me it would only be one Racing game i damm stick with it
and thats is "OutRun" Baby.....that game share memories..... old school racing...........

Antan3636d ago

To quote Edge magazine

"Best Rain FX @E3"

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The story is too old to be commented.