Go! Gaming Giant: Hydro Thunder Hurricane Review

Go! Gaming Giant writes: "Like most kids, I spent my childhood looking forward to the weekends. Not only was school let out for those short two days, I had a pocket full of allowance and I was ready to blow it all at the local arcade. I frequented many machines, but to me, a racing game reigned king. This game was Hydro Thunder."

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Murgatroyd73062d ago

I'm glad to hear that this is at least somewhat enjoyable. I really enjoyed the Dreamcast version, so I've been looking forward to this.

NExaminer3062d ago

Lots of reviews have come out today. Overall it seems like a worthwhile purchase. I have always enjoyed the arcade version, so this should be just as entertaining.

omicron0093062d ago

reminds me of wave racer

RaymondM3062d ago

I remember the good old days of playing Hydro thunder at the local arcade as well as playing the dreamcast version and man what a good time that was...this one looks awesome too and it looks to be an enjoyable game

Fabian3061d ago

I'm mostly surprised that two people here owned a Dreamcast.