Singularity Review: I liked it more when it was called Bioshock, Half Life 2, and Portal.

This game started out with a lot of high reviews but the score seems to have deflated quite a bit lately.

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dizzleK2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

i agree, it absolutely felt like a bioshock/half-life clone and utterly lacked it's own personality. i'd pick it up for $30 at most.

as an aside, why does damn near every woman in games these days have a british accent?

N4GAddict2555d ago

It was a good game, it just wasn't very innovative

Jadedhatemachine2556d ago

British accents are sexy, although nothing is better then Stephanie Jacobsen's Australian accent.

BeOneWithTheGun2555d ago

How much more can they squeeze outta the U3 engine, anyway?

I felt totally duped by the actual things you could do to manipulate time...Ooooo! turn a box new and get...dun dun dun....AMMO!


disappointment is usually lessened by low expectations.

N4GAddict2555d ago

I thought it was pretty good

wollie2555d ago

i liked it, sure its not innovative but it was fun. so what if its a bioshock/half-life mix. if your gonna mix two games might as well do it with some really good ones right?