Eurogamer: Alan Wake: The Signal Review

Alan Wake is best when it's ending. That's a compliment. The game hits an aesthetic high whenever one of its episodes draws to a close, with a stark title screen and a cut of music that's perfect for the moment.

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Independent_Charles3065d ago

lol oh well its free so im not complaining!

thereapersson3065d ago

To see how high they'll rate it, of course...

StbI9903065d ago

SCREW YOU EUROSHT....ALAN WAKE IS PURE WIN, shame it was on xbox, but still a good game nonetheless the console.

Natsu X FairyTail3065d ago

Eurogamer is out their mind trying to get hits like always.

every SINGLE REVIEW I'Ve seen and read gave the DLC a 9/10. but hey eurogamer always gotta get out of the norm.

BreakNeckSpeed3065d ago

Oh looks its HorsePowerr in yet another 360 related article.

3065d ago
Greywulf3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

would flock in to call them credible.

ahhhh enjoy it :) EG is trash, they just like flopping whatever is popular for hits. And praising the obviously hyped garbage.

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SlipperyMooseCakes3065d ago

Everyone else for the most part is giving it great reviews. It is no surprise that Eurogamer is giving a lower score, like it does for most things.

despair3065d ago

yup its eurogamer, even free dlc doesn't get the rating it deserves.

Independent_Charles3065d ago

they rated alan wake low aswell. i found it to be a break from fps and enjoy something with a good story(and mass effect 1,2) cant wait should be getting my e-mail with my code soon! :)

Why o why3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

so its all good imo unless this seems like it should of been part of the retail copy. Good on MS for allowing this to be free even if their hands were pushed. Credit where its due

when will silver members be able to dl it??

Solidus187-SCMilk3065d ago

you can dl anything with a silver account. They can buy it or get it for free if they have a code from a new copy.

TheObserver3065d ago

It's free? Why bother reviewing something that's free.

Some one said this line before, "Being free doesn't give it a license to suck ass." Maybe the tough score is justified.

coolbeans3065d ago

People can review things that are even free. Technically, it's not free if you bought the game used.

Strange_Evil3065d ago

Where are you guys when someone reviews PS Home and calls it sh!t?

coolbeans3065d ago

I recall PS Home getting sh!t scores (by fanboy terminology) all-around AND THEN ppl started calling it that.

NeptuneMerc3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

Well how would you know? Have you even played Alan Wake?

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The story is too old to be commented.