Rockstar North Hiring Big Time, Listing Hints At GTA Series?

Today's biggest rumour came in the form of Grand Theft Auto V possibly being set in Hollywood. Now, we've found a good number of job listings from series developer Rockstar North.

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mjolliffe2734d ago

It must be in development. Personally hoping today's rumour that it's being set in Hollywood isn't true. I'm fancying London :)

Kingdom Come2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

But then I thought, I would love to blow things up in the Pompous land of Hollywood... Would still prefer Vice City though.

Rot_in_Fail2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

It is in development, no doubt about it. London would be cool but I don't want to deal with British accent for the whole game :) It gives me a lot of troubles lol.
I prefer old setting SA/VC

Akagi2734d ago

Would much rather have a completely made up world which has a bit of everything; much like SA. But most of all, I want stupid fun stuff like: Fighter jets, lots and lots of cheat codes, car customization, more creative challenges, a huge roster of weapons from the normal to the psychotic.

MicroSony4Life2734d ago

If you played GTA 4 and watch the TV channels you will notice a Life styles of the Rich and Famus parody - it was about Rich people in Hollywood and how the use $100 bills as toilet paper. The showed numerus of intersting people that would tie in with the game.

I want a GTA VEGAS - Can you imagine the HAVOC you can cause in VEGAS!!!If not then Fall Out would have to do.

ReservoirDog3162733d ago

I've said it before, I'll say it again. The next GTA will be in London or something close to it. I'll eat a shoe if the next proper GTA isn't in London.

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sinclaircrown2734d ago

Regardless though, I think RS will try something special. Even though GTA IV Reviewed highly, I hope they did some research and saw a lot of people got bored quickly after.

WiiPS3beats3602734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

Isn't rockstar north developing Agent? This could be hiring for Agent guys :D

mjolliffe2734d ago

Umm...Yeah...It says that...

gtamike2734d ago

Remake GTA San Andreas or add all the features from GTA San Andreas to make GTA fun like in the PS2 days.

HSx92734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

What? London? Dude, GTA: SA which was set in Los Angeles was the best GTA of all time, if it's set in Hollywood, then thank god, we're soon going to be playing a possible nextgen remake of GTA: SA.

MicroSony4Life2734d ago

about the people of Hollywood - Freaks in the morning and Coke heads at night.

HSx92734d ago

GTA: SA was set in a variety of places, such as some parts of California, Nevada, and the desert between Cali and Nevada.

Greywulf2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

I mean really?

GTA4 was such an abortion of the previous GTA titles.

Idiots would pretend that it was about the story? LOLWHUT? No GTA is about beating things to death, and creating carnage in multiple ways. Not a handful. Anyone that games knows that San Andreas and earlier were real GTA's.

The last GTA was nonsense with nothing to do.

AAACE52734d ago

I really hope they design it like Test Drive unlimited! Meaning you could play through the story like you want but are able go multiplayer at any time because it's set up like a MMO.

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Kingdom Come2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

I don't care were it's set, I just want it, soon. I'm hoping for Vice City, but as long as it's depth matches that of the fantastic GTA IV, I don't mind, this is Rock*, they ain't gonna let us down...
I am so excited for this game, no doubt gonna be an incredible title and the evidence seems to be hinting that an announcement is in-bound, lets hope so...

mjolliffe2734d ago

I don't want it soon soon. Next year or two, sure. We need them to focus on releasing Agent (wherever the hell that is)!

SpaceSquirrel2734d ago

They need to release new info about Agent soon.

Imperator2734d ago

What if Agent is the codename for GTA V which is actually going to be a Ps3 exlusive/timed-exclusive. Next E3 R* walks on stage to present Agent but instead show GTAV. Wouldn't that be huge ey?

Kingdom Come2734d ago

An announcement soon. As with all my favourit franchises, time and effort is GREATLY appreciated, and the Epic titles out there have had both put in to them...

BeaArthur2734d ago

Why don't you hire the guys your other office laid off.

Cajun Chicken2734d ago

Vinewood. It was also in San Andreas...

4cough2734d ago

Same old shitty locations, Can really have tough places like like Manchester, Liverpool,Birmingham,Coventry, Leicester,Nottingham.........o r even Glasgow the Western worlds most crime ridden city, FACT.

Scotland-The-Brave2734d ago

yeah GTA Glasgow would be amazing, although the rest of the world would probably have difficulty understanding glaswegian accents lol.
Looking at your disagrees nobody likes that idea, owell

LarVanian2733d ago

Even though I'm Irish and my favorite football team is from Glasgow, the only type of dangerous people I can think of in Glasgow are diehard Celtic and Rangers fanatics. What type of gangs are there in Glasgow that could justify a GTA game being set there?

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