Pirates of the Burning Sea Power and Prestige expansion gets firm release date

Pirates of the Burning Sea's expansion, Power & Prestige, has earned a firm release date. Previously announced as "in early August," the expansion now has an official release date: August 24th, 2010.

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CrAppleton3063d ago

Aaarrrrr you getting this? haha.. sorry couldn't help it

Queasy3063d ago

It's a long held misbelief that "R" is the pirates favorite letter. It is actually the "C".


CrAppleton3063d ago

Can't wait for the expansion, long overdue

Neco5123063d ago

good to know when we can expect this now

Queasy3063d ago

Wait a second now...August 24 isn't "early August"! ;)

MxShade3063d ago

Yeah, but you get extra stuff! 'sall good, right?

At least it's like, 2 weeks and not 2 months.

3063d ago