Heavenly Sword blog update: Fight; Plus a new image

This week, SaiTong Man, Ninja Theory's lead combat designer wrote a massive blog post:

"It was always our belief that one-on-one fighting games could be the basis for a single player action game and that we could craft a combat game where the controls were more akin to Soul Calibur or Virtua Fighter. We relished the thought of having such depth of combat in encounters, numbering from one enemy right into the hundreds. Our starting point was to get the one-on-one fighting engine built and then extend it outwards."

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Bazookajoe_833880d ago

Only played the demo but it´s realy fantastic, think this will be alot better than Ngs (but it was also good)

Violater3880d ago

That the comparisons between this game and others will soon come to an end.
But it's doubtful because most people cannot see past the surface of things, especially the closed minded.

techie3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

Woah - this screenshot proves this game has some of the most increible lighting I've ever seen in a game.

"Our proof of concept was to create and build a playable character, Nariko, and fight one-on-one against another playable character. To make things simple for us, we chose the opponent to be another Nariko and built a combat system to enable her to fight against herself in a balanced and fair way.

In fact we were able to have as many Narikos as we could plug joypads into our work stations. We had a simple dojo where we could pit multiple heroines against each other in an enjoyable and mostly balanced way. "

Multiplayer like this would be cool :P

Bazookajoe_833880d ago

For me is that they took away M rating, would have been cool with some blood and gore. Other than that it´s realy beutifull and epic =)

techie3880d ago

The game is FULL OF BLOOD - look at the screenshot - play the demo. SHEESH. I hate half, empty chinese rumours.

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