Final Fantasy Retrospective - Part IV

The sprites evolve, and Espers break through the Sealed Gate.

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djt233972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

i like this Retrospective did anyone see Metroid one

jinn3972d ago

whens retrospective part 5?

richierich3972d ago

Why can they make the stories in todays Final Fantasy games as good as FF6 and FF7? I mean come on the stories in FFX-2 FF11 and FF12 sucked. I just hope that FF13 wont be as bad but I am kinda loosing faith in Square-Enix. I think we need a FF7 remake

CrimsonAngelic3972d ago

Does everyone want a 7 remake? Theyve done sequels, prequels, and cell phone games! What would be different but the graphics? lol

FF 12 was actually, if not close to the EXACT! same story as 6, except they had politics. I think 10 and 12 rocked as far as ones after 7 PERSONALLY. Better than most RPGs