DualCast Level 3 - Final Fantasy Extravaganza!

DualShockers writes, "It’s that time of week again! We’ve recorded a rather intense and controversal DualCast for you this week – mostly because it revolves around Final Fantasy. We get things started on the sane side with our favorite Final Fantasy games, but the fun doesn’t end there. We get down and dirty when we move onto the topic of Final Fantasy XIII. From there we move to the future of the Final Fantasy franchise and discuss what we would like to see in general, as well as in Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Square-Enix’s upcoming MMO, Final Fantasy XIV.

Also this week we’re offering you a chance to win a physical copy of Persona 3 Portable for the PSP (no PSP Go, unfortunately). What do you have to do? It’s easy – listen to this week’s DualCast..."

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Ninferno3061d ago

lol pretty hilarious podcast.

Hitman07693061d ago

Final Fantasy... we could talk about it for days. And we did, enjoy the 15 day podcast. Implant an IV before you press play.

meiamsome3061d ago

This podcast has some interesting points.

iiprotocolii3061d ago

Final Fantasy X ftw! FF has brought some memorable moments throughout my years of gaming. FFXIII isn't my favorite of the franchise, but it isn't as horrendous as people make it seem. Nice podcast.

Games4M - Rob3061d ago

yeah its not as bad as XenoGears - man that game sucked ass, the worst RPG i have ever played.

I mean what the hell is a Xenogear, some kind of alien clutch ??? Stupid, not as cool as gunblades, man i love gunblades - coolest weapon ever.

Studio-YaMi3061d ago

shows how much you know...Bob

I mean "Rob"

Games4M - Rob3061d ago

oh dear, im guessing someone didnt listen to the podcast and so dosnt understand the in-joke that comes from dissing XenoGears.

Still, i do appreciate that the sarcasm in my post was probably a bit too subtle (seriously) so I'll just explain now that my comment wasnt to be taken at face value.

Just try listening to what your commenting on and then you wont look like such a... fool

I mean "Tool"

Chadness3061d ago

I think out of all RPGs, the Final Fantasy franchise has the most passionate fans, which, of course, leads to some pretty intense conversations about the subject.

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