'MGS4 for Xbox 360' a mistake, admits HMV

High Street retailer HMV has admitted a pre-order listing for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots on the Xbox 360 was a mistake by its online admin team.

The listing caused a stir over the weekend, with websites and forums assuming it was evidence that the anticipated PlayStation 3 title was no longer a Sony exclusive.

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DiLeCtioN3668d ago

am not happy or anything but HMV doesnt update stuff regularly...main things like description for a new game and box art.

TriggerHappy3668d ago

This was also posted by the same person who tipsed...:)

Nuff said....:)

Anyways, two rumors put to rest now, Alan Wake no go PS3, MGS4 no go X360.

Rythrine3668d ago

While they're at it, they should fix everything in their system. They got the Haze and UT3 dates wrong as well.

JsonHenry3668d ago

This game is going to come out on the 360. HMV did make a mistake - it was that it posted the date before Konami approved.

Amplifier3668d ago


Let us know when you wake up from LALA-land then we can welcome you back to reality!


Wii60_FTW3668d ago

...but, it's coming to 360. period.

LeonSKennedy4Life3668d ago

Haha...what part of BLU-RAY don't you get???

Did Kojima himself not say it has already surpassed 20 gigs, COMPRESSED!!!???

Why are you ignoring everything so blatently???

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Dlacy13g3668d ago

Well there it is...everyone can relax again. Another rumor / situation put to rest.

Now all the fanboys can focus in on the next big argument....... Which most likely will be another MGS4 rumor. LOL

PS360WII3668d ago

my bets on the FFXIII going multi rumor

Dlacy13g3668d ago

I say FFXIII going to the 360...nah...I am thinkin the next FFXIII rumor will be: "Final Fantasy XIII skipping generation to be launch title for PS4!" ....I mean given the rate its may not be that far off! LOL

Bazookajoe_833668d ago

Like there was anyone who thought anything ellse =)

nix3668d ago

no one ordered it... LOL!

sue them for misguiding so many fanboys. q: