US Wii Shop Channel Adds Three More Virtual Console Titles

Monday has arrived and the Wii Shop Channel in North America has been updated with three new titles. Wave Race 64, Adventures Of LOLO, and Galaga '90 are today's offerings.

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s8anicslayer3916d ago

i don't like the wii but virtual console would be the only reason for me to by a wii. nothing beeats old school gaming

jinn3916d ago

if chrono trigger isn't one of games you can buy from the wii shop channel, then it's worthless.

IQUITN4G3916d ago

I'd be interested if these were running at full speed but Pal N64 while great if you didn't know about these things,was always a letdown after seeing the NTSC versions.I traded my uk N64 when i saw Waverace running - big difference and it convinced me never to get another machine if it didn't allow intended speeds.Xbox and Gamecube were great in this respect and now with the current machines it's not even a big deal any more (does ps3 have pal60 mode?)

The only game i would likely get for Wii would be Pilotwings because both version were great(albeit big stupid bordrs for pal but Wii does away with them).

Pal Mario 64 was actually a little better than the NTSC version because it didn't slow down(horrible on NTSC) but Mario's general running and jumping speed was sadly reduced.