Top 10 XBLA Game Soundtracks

"The following list is comprised of the best game soundtracks that can currently be found on XBLA. Narrowing the nominees down was difficult, and many great game soundtracks were sadly eliminated. There are still a lot of great titles on the way for XBLA, and are bound to have fantastic soundtracks worthy of placement among the best."


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midi2915d ago

Love the Winterbottom soundtrack

cain1412915d ago

One of the best parts to that game.

BetaChris2915d ago

Some great music here - but why no Rocket Riot, 'Splosion Man, or Sam and Max love?

cain1412915d ago

The Battlefield one is great too

cain1412915d ago

Rez is pretty epic too

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The story is too old to be commented.