Burning Questions | BlackLight: Tango Down (+Bonus Download)

Ex: Ignition's BlackLight: Tango Down, recently released for PSN and XBLA, is a downloadable, budget friendly FPS combining elements of both Blade Runner and Call of Duty in a quality futuristic package. While its ranking system rewards dedication and the game itself is a solid shooter, many of the subtleties are never explained, or are buried so deep inside the menu system players may never care to seek them out.

We've got the answers to your burning questions, as well as a bonus download of all 12 B:TD maps.


B:TD is releasing "in the coming weeks" for PSN and PC.

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CrAppleton2918d ago

I still haven't had a chance to play this game.. all my time has been devoted to HTH lately

Queasy2918d ago

I tried the trial out and it was a little bit laggy.

killyourfm2918d ago

It's really worth it, especially for the price. Although some actual STORY wouldn't have hurt.

CrAppleton2918d ago

Meh.. I'm ok without story in a shooter.. as long as they tell me who to shoot. lol

Independent_Charles2918d ago

the game is using gamespy servers which = instant fail. it lags like shit and no iits not my internet speed, the last game which laged like this for me was that peice of shit universe at war.

MMFGaming2918d ago

Still need to pick it up. Keep hearing good things about it.

Neco5122918d ago

Just because a game is budget priced doesn't excuse its inadequacies. Nice article though!

MGRogue20172918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

... When's it out for the PS3??

I've been waiting for it for like, Forever.. :(

killyourfm2918d ago

Ah, that's an error in the article...

Dazel2918d ago

But the lack of players on the 360 is killing it!

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